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Home > Developers > Rockwell Primaries Development Corporation

About Rockwell Primaries Development Corporation

After nearly two decades of creating world-class communities, premium property developer Rockwell Land Corporation ventures out to bring its distinctive exceptional lifestyle to Filipinos with its newest property development subsidiary, Rockwell Primaries.

Rockwell Primaries, a Rockwell Company, extends its dedication to delivering exceptional and quality living to those who look towards the future.

With the mission of aiming to be the preferred developer of quality, affordable and well planned living spaces of the broader market, Rockwell Primaries provides you with the foundations for a flourishing family life. There is a long standing commitment to delivering homes which bears tasteful aesthetics and design, has a high regard for your family's convenience, security, exclusivity, and your need for space by providing well thought out residential units and amenities.

Projects of Rockwell Primaries Development Corporation

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360 °
53 Benitez   Quezon City
53 Benitez
360 °
East Bay Residences   Muntinlupa City
East Bay Residences
360 °
The Vantage at Kapitolyo   Pasig City
The Vantage at Kapitolyo

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