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About SND Realty Development Corporation

SND Realty Development Corporation has a primary objective to furnish Filipino families with quality real estate projects. This highly dedicated group of experts delivers and develops condominiums on time and within budget. Having a goal of making an impact by improving the real estate landscape in Metro Manila, the team employs the most skilled, hard-working, and honest individuals that excel in sales, marketing, and other vital aspects of the industry. Mindful of keeping up with the evolving society and trend, SND Realty Development Corporation embraces technological advances, encouraging its team to strategically grasp the concept of the online market. With years of professional experience in real estate, SND Realty Development Corporation ensures its position in the industry by continuing to strive to join the leading developers in the country as a brand that is trusted by both the local and international markets.

Projects of SND Realty Development Corporation

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Doña Angela Garden   Makati City
Doña Angela Garden

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