I began my career as a call center sales agent which lasted 4 years, before I decided to change my path and get into fulfilling world of real estate in 2003. Little did I know that it was going to be my lifelong career and passion.

I started as a sales executive for Rockwell Land, focused on pre-selling condo properties. At that time, there were only a few of us who went into the profession. I had to unlearn some of my habits as a telesales agent and be open to different ways of dealing with my new set of clients. I loved the experience so much that I worked towards being a full-fledged licensed broker and dedicated my career to building solutions in Philippine real estate using tech.

Like me, there are hundreds of thousands of aspiring real estate professionals who try, succeed, fail, stay or go. I believe that Rockwell Land played a big role in providing a solid foundation for me in real estate. To pay it forward to the industry I love most, let me share with you the 3 most important things I learned from this now public company:

1. Believe in a product you can call home.

Nothing beats hearing satisfied clients saying they love living in the community you sold. I love hearing my clients genuinely enjoy the property they purchased–through their new lifestyle, the return of investment or through rental income.

I think a big part of how I was able to achieve wins with my clients is that I honestly believe in the brand I’m selling, so much that I can imagine myself living in it. I learned that the secret to having the power to convince your clients is that you yourself have to be convinced by the product you’re selling, more than anyone else.

2. Value your client relationships.

Quality relationships carry one real estate professional through years of his career. The secret? TRUST. If you are consistently transparent to your client, even if you think your honesty doesn’t help you up-sell your product, expect their loyalty in return.

Through years of practice, I found out that if a client really wants a property, the small kinks or negative comments won’t matter. What matters is how you lay out the truth to them, good or bad. If you give them the power to decide, I guarantee they will come back to you whenever they’re ready to make a purchase and they will most likely recommend you to their personal network. Until today, I still have connections to most of the clients I met while I was with Rockwell 14 years ago.

3. In real estate, being on the A-team matters.

If you want to stay and make it in real estate, your team matters. Be with an elite team of talented individuals motivated to exceed their sales targets year after year. Be with a team that makes you push yourself to excellence. The Rockwell spirit of excellence gives way for a real estate professional in finding opportunities to master skills and upgrade competencies.

This mindset has carried on in my own company and I made it a point that my team is composed of like-minded individuals so that we can push each other to be the best.

My invaluable learnings from Rockwell Land paved the way for my life long real estate career. These are lessons I took to heart and lessons I still embody today. If you wanna kickstart your career in real estate, now is the best time to take this amazing opportunity offered by Rockwell Land. They are looking for confident salespeople with a passion for success.

To explore a sales career with Rockwell, click here to learn more.

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