Pasig City is fast becoming one of the best places for yuppies and even starter or growing families to buy a home, whether it is a condo or house and lot for sale.

But why do we say that this riverbank city is one of the most underrated locations in Metro Manila? We lay our case with these nine reasons:

1. Its LGU is leading the green movement.

Pasig City Hall Roof
Renowned urban planner and columnist Paulo Alcazaren was commissioned to create the green rooftop of the city hall.
(Image source: PGAA Creative Design)

In 2013, Pasig earned international recognition as one of the most liveable cities in the world. This is evident in several aspects such as the city hall building in itself and the green practices imposed by the government.

2. You are encouraged to help improve Metro Manila by going car-free for a day.


This event happens every Sunday along F. Ortigas Jr. Road (Emerald Avenue) in Barangay San Antonio. During the day, people are encouraged to bike, exercise, run, skate, and bond with family and friends along the street.

3. It is fast becoming the next lifestyle haven in the north.

capitol commons pasig
(Image source: Capitol Commons Facebook page)

The newest and hippest entertainment hot spots are here. Capitol Commons, The Grove by Rockwell, Metrowalk, Depot Area, and Frontera Verde offer several restaurant and entertainment varieties that can satisfy anyone who’s looking to have a good time.

4. Great food is everywhere.

bbq three sisters pasig
(Image source: Three Sisters’ Restaurant of Pasig)

If you’re a foodie, you’re going to get spoiled in Pasig courtesy of the different sumptuous meals Kapitolyo’s holes-in-the-wall offer. You can choose from Asian or Western delicacies like RUB Kapitolyo and Ninak. There’s also the classic Three Sisters’ restaurant, which is a crowd favorite for its yummy and cheap pork BBQ on stick and other Filipino street food.

5. Your next great, big adventure is just around the corner.

rave pasig
(Image source: RAVE Pasig)

Extreme adventures in the city are a rare treat for many urban dwellers. That is why Rainforest Adventure Experience (RAVE) in Pasig is a city hit because it offers different kinds of activities inside a lush rainforest.

6. This is the only place where government employees can ride a tutubi.

tutubi bike sharing program pasig
(Image source:

And it’s not that insect. Tutubi is a bike-sharing program created in partnership with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to encourage government employees to change the way they travel or commute across the city.

7. It has really cool transportation alternatives.

pasig ferry ride

The Pasig River Ferry experience will change the way you travel. And there’s also eco-friendly public vehicles such as e-jeepney and e-tricycles.

8. Culture is important to Pasigueños.

bayanihan festival pasig
(Image source:

There are different festivals that uphold Filipino culture such as the Bayanihan Festival, Pakalog Festival every December, Bambino Festival in honor of Sto. Niño every January, and Araw ng Pasig, to name a few.

Pasig City has also retained its Old Manila charm as seen in its restored plazas and old, historical churches. Some of the city’s residents also managed to keep some of the Spanish-styled houses.

Do these things make you want to live in Pasig? Check out different properties for sale or rent here.

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  • Daniel Solomon

    Sir, with all due respect. . you forgot to mention the chaotic tricycle transport system in Pasig city. .caused mainly by the undisciplined tricycle drivers. . and there are thousands of them. . . who are really untouchables in Pasig. . . local government officials and the law enforcers are reluctant to discipline them especially during election time. . they vote as a block . . they can make or break a candidate for mayor . .

    • Rizza Estoconing Sta Ana

      Good point @danielsolomon:disqus! As a resident, I would say that the tricycle transport system is in demand there because a lot of people really patronize the very drivers that causes traffic in the area. I’ve seen law enforcers really trying to discipline the unruly drivers, especially within the San Joaquin area, so I can’t say that they’re not trying hard enough. On the other hand, maybe the weird zoning of areas near on the city’s borders makes it harder to police the area.

  • Aaron Kristoffer

    Yeah sure. Pasig doesnt have a cinema tho, if they have its a shared mall. Like sta. Lucia and i dont know if theres another mall that has cinema. Also, traffic everywhere in Pasig. Tingi tingi ksi ung development.

    • Rizza Estoconing Sta Ana

      Hi @aaron_kristoffer:disqus! Love your comments! The weirdest thing about Pasig is that the zoning looks like it’s sandwiched between two or three other cities in Manila. So technically, sakop din nya yung Ortigas Center east portion, which is the home of majority of the malls along the shopping belt of EDSA: SM Megamall, the Podium, Shang-ri La Plaza Mall,

  • Gabrielle Rojo

    nalimutan mo isama ang UNLIMITED traffic sir