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The Best Places in the Philippines for Expats

The Philippine economy continues to grow rapidly and is attracting foreign companies, professionals, and entrepreneurs. With this in mind, our Data Science Team ranked the best places in the Philippines for expats to relocate either for work or to start a business.

The Best Apartments for Rent in Makati

See the best apartments for rent in Makati from the most affordable to the most expensive. These condos will exceed your expectations.

The Best Condominiums in Metro Manila for Any Budget

ZipMatch was able to determine the best condominiums in Metro Manila from the most affordable to the most expensive.

The Most Expensive Districts to Rent a Condo or House and Lot in Metro Manila

What's it like to rent a condo or house and lot in Metro Manila’s most expensive districts? What makes them much sought after by high-end renters?

What You Need to Know About Buying a Condo in the Philippines

Planning to buy a condo in the Philippines? ZipMatch’s Data Science team crunched the numbers to help potential investors decide where to put their money.

The Best Condominium Developers in the Philippines Q2 2017 (By Category)

Here's the full list of twenty of the best condominium developers in the Philippines in 2017 and which ones dominated each category.

How High is the Demand for a Condo for Rent in the Philippines?

Before you take the plunge in Philippine real estate, let's look at the numbers. Exactly how high is the demand for a condo for rent in the Philippines?

The Best Condominium Developers in the Philippines Q2 2017

The ZipMatch Data Science Team went through thousands of properties and came up with an algorithm to find the best condominium developers in the Philippines.

Top 15 Affordable Neighborhoods in Metro Manila for First-Time Property Investors

If you're planning to invest in real estate for the first time, consider getting an affordable property with the shortest payback period.

Investing in a Condo? These Properties Have the Highest Rental Yields

Any real estate broker or agent will tell you that a good investment property is the one which offers a high rental return, in the shortest possible time period.