Kyle's Articles

ZipMatch Engineering: An Inside Look at the Database Technologies Behind Our Platform

We discuss our three major database technologies at ZipMatch and their importance to our goal of bringing reliability and transparency in the Philippine real estate industry.

Thought Leader: Steven Zwaan on Affordable Rental Housing for Young Professionals

Steven Zwaan co-founded PULS with this goal in mind: to provide quality and affordable rental housing for young professionals working near the central business districts in Metro Manila.

Thought Leader: Mike Jugo on the Rise in Demand for Mixed-Use Estate

Ayala Land's sales head Mike Jugo talks about the need to build mixed-use estate to satisfy the ever evolving lifestyle and needs of homeseekers.

Thought Leader: Michael McCullough on the Business of Real Estate in the Philippines

Michael McCullough, Managing Director of of KMC Savills Inc, shares his outlook on Philippine real estate today and its opportunities for professionals.

Thought Leader: Jojo Salas on How Technology Shapes the Real Estate Game

How has technology changed the real estate game in the Philippines? Hear the thoughts of Jojo Salas of the Pinnacle Real Estate Consulting Services Inc.

Thought Leader: Andy Mañalac on the Future of Philippine Real Estate

What must Philippine Real Estate Professionals do to stay on top in the ever-growing real estate market? Hear from Andy Mañalac, chairman and co-founder of Havitas Developments Corporation.