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Why Switching To A Farming Lifestyle Is A ‘Millennial’ Thing To Do

Changing lifestyles, environmental issues, and health concerns are encouraging millennials to get into farming and a countryside lifestyle.

What Exactly is a Live-Work-Play Lifestyle?

Real estate developers have introduced the Live-Work-Play lifestyle. Read why residents in the metro have embraced it wholeheartedly.

10 Things That Make A Pinoy Feel At Home This Christmas

Happy holidays from ZipMatch! We list down the ten things Pinoys look forward to this Christmas vacation.

You Can Now Invest In a Full-Service, Hotel-Styled Property in the Philippines

A new vacation getaway in Tagaytay offers luxury resort units for investment.

You Wouldn’t Believe How 360 Virtual Reality Will Make Your Next Property Viewing More Convenient

This is the new way to do trippings without the horrible traffic.

5 Popular Locations Outside Metro Manila To Look For Your Next Home

Looking for your next home outside Metro Manila? Start your search by looking at these popular property search locations.

5 Reasons Why Batangas is the New “Countryside Living” Outside Metro Manila

Find out why Batangas is an underrated location for countryside living.

Getting Your Money’s Worth – Buying A Home in Mandaluyong

Is knowing the average property price enough to make a homebuying investment? Our recent market study revealed why we shouldn’t always depend on the price of a property when making a real estate investment.

9 More Popular Homebuying Questions on our Blog Answered

Our ZipMatch Blog community is growing! Thank you for sending in your questions, comments, recommendations, and suggestions regarding homebuying and homeownership in the Philippines.

6 Reasons Why You Should Pick Up Client Courtship Tips from Alden Richards of #AlDub

Yes, we went there. Because Alden Richards certainly knows how to work it in order to get that sweet YES.