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18 Affordable Ways to Give Your Home a Fresh Look for the New Year

A home makeover need not be expensive. Here are 18 quick, easy, and affordable things you can do to give your home a makeover for the New Year.

7 Benefits of Buying a Home in the South

Planning to buy a property? Moving South of Metro Manila may be one of the smartest moves you can make. We list down the benefits.

Top 18 Properties to Scout this Holiday Season

The Christmas break gives home buyers more time to check out and view properties they are eyeing. Schedule these top properties we recommend for you.

This BGC Condo Will Make You Wish You Had P55 Million to Spare

Dreaming of owning a luxury home? Explore this spacious condominium for sale in Pacific Plaza Towers.

Can You Guess the Prices of These Homes?

Are your guessing skills sharp? Find out how much these properties cost. You might find the one you are looking for. Take the quiz now!

ZipMatch Blog Wins People’s Choice Award in Bloggys 2015

We're stoked with getting our first-ever award during the Bloggys 2015 Awards Night. Thank you to all who voted and our blog readers!

8 Pre-Selling Condominiums In BGC That You Can Invest In

Planning to invest in a pre-selling property in BGC, Taguig? Here are our top recommendations for you.

9 Ways to Know You and Your Home are a Perfect Match

Is your home “The One?” These signs will help you decide whether you and your home are meant for each other.

7 Eco-friendly Interior Design Ideas for Your Home

Redecorating your home? Be inspired and incorporate these eco-friendly design ideas for your space.

5 Ways How Townhouse Living Support Every Stage in Your Life

How great would it be to have a "forever home?" Discover how living in a townhouse can support the different stages in your life.