Aside from its infinite dining, retail, and nightlife options, Bonifacio Global City (BGC) is noted for housing some of the Philippines’ most important art pieces.

Art can be found in abundance throughout Bonifacio Global City in Taguig. It almost feels like you’re wandering through an open-air museum, with sculptures by Sajid De Leon and new works by Dennis Lagdameo popping up along its parks and plazas. More than 40 art projects, ranging from whimsical sculptures to paintings and murals on the walls, can be found throughout BGC’s streets and parks. Many art pieces can be found on Bonifacio High Street alone, making it a full day of exploring, but BGC extends beyond Bonifacio High Street. Its well-planned landscape allows for art installations on plazas, parks, bridges, and even roads, making it a sprawling playground for artists and a wandering art gallery for art lovers.

The artworks are not only stunning, but also thought-provoking and profound. The contrast between the exquisite detail of one installation and the minimalistic strokes of another offers such contrast and meaning for the pieces in a way that only the artists can comprehend. People enjoy going for walks in these parks since there is always something new to see. Seeing these art installations set against modern skylines and the hectic lifestyle of BGC inhabitants who live in one of the many condominiums for rent in BGC is definitely a healing experience.

Whether it’s your first visit to BGC or you’re preparing to migrate to this area of the Metro, set aside an hour or two to enjoy the free and Instagram-worthy sceneries in Taguig City‘s core.

Here are a few examples of public art in BGC, all of them were designed and conceptualized by world-renowned artists. Each piece of art has a specific theme that Filipinos may relate to:
1. Hidden Kalikasan Park – Jerusalino V Araos’ unusual outdoor work attempts to give a space for meditation and prayer. The elevated circular stage with carabao grass, sandbox, and pebbled pathways in the park would be popular with visitors.

2. Ang Supremo- This art work by Ben-Hur Villanueva, located at Rizal Drive and 32nd Street, honors Andres Bonifacio’s birth and life as a national hero.
3. The Garden- The Garden by Dennis Lagdameo and Olivia d’Aboville at 26th Street, BGC, is inspired by natural flowers and uses energy-saving lights to encourage environmentally sustainable art installations.

4. Kasaysayan Bawat Oras- Juan Sajid de Leon Imao’s historic playground art piece casts shadows on seven paper doll-like figurines to represent the Philippines’ 7,100 islands.

In Bonifacio Global City, a high-end mixed-use development in Taguig, numerous artworks and sculptures are merged with architecture. Philippine artists were tasked with creating art installations, which were subsequently merged with the architecture that makes up the BGC parks’ vertices and centerpieces.

Young professionals have been drawn to Bonifacio Global City because of its unique landscape.


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