Now that you’ve bought your new home, it’s time to create the ultimate urban space that will best reflect your personality. If you are like most first-time homeowners, you already have an idea of what your dream home will look like and what it will have. Who says you need to be a professional interior designer to fix it up?

Start with these fun and easy 18 home improvement hacks for your new home.

Creative wall designs

One of the easiest ways to spruce up your condominium is to paint your walls. A fresh paint job will do wonders and transform your unit’s look in a breeze.

1. Make a room pop out by creating an accent wall.

1accent wall
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2. Liven up your walls with fabric wallpaper.

2fabric wall design
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3. Create an illusion of a higher ceiling by painting your walls in two tones.

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4. Forget about boring white walls, add some wall decals.

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5. Place a mirror to change the room’s perspective and to make it look larger.

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6. Paint with patterns. You can buy these cool patterned paint rollers at your local stores like Ace Hardware or Handyman.

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Space savers and nifty storage solutions

Have more area to move around in your unit by using these space-saving and organization techniques. These hacks allow you to maximize space and make the most out of every room.

7. Use a pull-out bed to save more space in your bedroom.

7pullout bed
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8. Or maybe a wall bed?

8wall bed
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9. Store your pots and pans creatively in this kitchen pegboard, which comes complete with outlines.

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10. Spice up your storage spice and put up a magnetic rack.

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11. Prop your ironing board on the wall with two coat hooks. Make sure its color matches that of the wall so it will blend well and won’t stand out.

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Clutter control

Do away with cable messes and unattractive home features like light switches. Hide them in different and creative ways.

12. Hide an exposed electrical switch box, or light switches, with a hinged canvas.

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13. For your Globe or PLDT router, you can use hallowed, old books.

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14. Keep the messy and cluttered cords out of sight. Put some Velcro and attach it to the appliance.

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15. For the techies, control your cable clutter with this clever charging station. This can even rival that of 7-11’s charging stations once you decorate it.

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Other must-try home improvements

Whether it’s filling up a blank space or simply putting life to your home’s interior, you can try these neat home hacks.

16. For an empty space near your door, you can place this floating bookcase.

16book case
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17. Put up a magnetic rack to keep small paraphernalia like bobby pins and metal manicure in order.

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18. Grow herbs such as Bay Leaf (Laurel) in small pots. It freshens up the room and lets you add flavor to yummy Filipino dishes like Adobo.

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Moving in to your new home is certainly exciting since the next step is decorating it. Don’t be afraid to try out different design styles. Set the rooms and create a cozy space that you’ll want to come home to each day.

Excited to try these easy home improvement hacks in your own place? Search for your new home here.

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