Update as of 15 Jan 2016: Some of these listings are no longer active. To inquire about available units for rent or for sale, click and go to your preferred “Property.”

A recent life-changing event had forced my sister to reassess her living situation. No longer wanting to stay at her current apartment, I suggested that maybe a change of scenery would do things for her recovery.

But what can you get for a fixed monthly rent budget these days?

We’ve scoured through thousands of property listings* in Metro Manila to see what a P15,000 monthly rental budget can one get. Here’s what we found:

1. Makati City – 14,000 pesos (P14,000)

Type: One-bedroom fully furnished unit
Property: The Beacon
Property rating: 3.3/5
Location: Skyway Pasay Road

  • has a balcony, so the view is a major plus
  • electric heater, so no need to boil bathwater, especially if you’re in a rush

2. Pasay City – 9,400 pesos (P9,400)

Type: Studio semi-furnished unit
Property: Quirino St. Condo
Property rating: None
Location: Singalong

  • the entrance hallway is too narrow for big furniture
  • wood floor panels!
  • unit is on the second floor, perfect for those with fear of heights

3. Taguig City – 12,000 pesos (P12,000)

Type: One-bedroom semi-furnished unit
Property: Ridgewood Towers
Property rating: 3.1/5
Location: C-5 Northbound Road

  • sliding doors!
  • the kitchen’s small, and there are no cupboards above the sink
  • modern bathroom fixtures
  • unobstructed aerial view of the neighborhood from the large windows

4. Mandaluyong City – 14,750 pesos (P14,750)

Type: One-bedroom semi-furnished unit
Property: Light Residences
Property rating: 4/5
Location: Barangka near EDSA

  • hotel tile flooring
  • sliding doors
  • large windows in the bedroom offers an aerial view of the neighborhood

5. Pasig City – 13,936 pesos (P13,936)

Type: Two-bedroom fully furnished unit
Property: One Spatial
Property rating: None
Location: Amang Rodriguez Avenue

  • published as “for rent” but broker published sample computation if sold via mortgage
  • turnover is July 2015, so the unit is very new
  • no cupboards near the sink
  • bathroom’s a bit cramped

6. Manila-Malate – P13,000

Type: Studio unit with furnishings upon request
Property: The Grand Towers
Property rating: None
Location: Vito Cruz

  • rent is inclusive of association dues
  • barely-used unit
  • unit is located on the higher floor of the building
  • kitchen sink is too close to main door

7. Quezon City – P12,000

Type: One-bedroom bare condo
Property: Berkeley Residences
Property rating: none
Location: Katipunan Avenue

  • sliding doors and windows
  • space for the small kitchen is shared with main entryway
  • slot for air conditioner appears grilled shut
  • modern bathroom fixtures
  • association dues is an additional P1,500/mo

8. Muntinlupa City – P13,000

Type: Semi-furnished studio unit
Property: Studio City Alabang
Property rating: None
Location: West Parc Drive

  • Ikea-styled bedroom furnishings
  • well-lit hallway
  • electronic keycard!

If you want an upgrade and can stretch your budget a little more, you can get a similar, semi furnished one-bedroom for P16,000.

9. Paranaque City – P8,000

Type: Studio unit
Property: One San Antonio Residences
Property rating: None
Location: San Vicente Ferrer

  • listing did not say anything about it being furnished or not
  • property looks more of like an apartment
  • has added security features like grills and security guards

Or you can look for a roommate and get a semi-furnished, two-bedroom unit at Siena Park Residences for P19,000 (association dues inclusive).

Making the right decision

Going through these choices, we realized that the amount you get to pay for your apartment rental is roughly the same amount as a downpayment on your own home.

For someone who has the financial freedom, it totally makes sense to put that amount of money into a reservation deposit and then mortgage payments instead on rent. The money she would be wasting away on rent goes instead on building home equity. She would also benefit from the increase in rental prices, as it would also mean that the value of her property would appreciate. Moreover, she can really call the home her own, regardless of any life-changing events that could happen in her life.

So then I told her maybe moving into a new apartment rental is not the change she needs. Maybe she should buy a house instead.

Still debating on this real estate move? Know what factors should you take into consideration when buying a condo or renting an apartment here.

*All listings sourced from ZipMatch. Figures were correct at the time of publication.

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