Finding a home in the city is quite a feat to begin with. Most cities only offer condo units for sale or for rent in vertical developments, and private gated communities are priced that’s reserved for those who come with money.

If you do happen to find a house and lot, they usually don’t come in with the size, or the flexible living spaces you need for you (and your growing household).

But there’s a new neighborhood that aims to change that notion. Mahogany Place III by VConsunji Inc. offers all the living space you need in an urban setting, which is too good to be true when living in the city. How so? This gated community located in Acacia Estates has the following things that are not available in a typical house for sale in the city:

1. Flexible living spaces


No longer a trend, flexible living spaces are a vital consideration in choosing a home. You are making what could be the biggest investment in your life, so it makes sense to invest in a home that can adapt to your evolving lifestyle and needs, whatever stage in your life you’re in.

Duplexes and townhouses at Mahogany Place III are designed in a way that homeowners have the ultimate say on what living spaces they’d want in their home. Moreover, some of the property units have a “bonus” room or space that can accommodate a future need (or even want).

2. A private roof deck


Sure, you think you don’t need one, but you’ll soon appreciate a home with a private roof deck overlooking the neighborhood.

Roof decks actually challenge the concept of living space. They are not confined within the four walls of your home, so it can be quite healthy to have a different, refreshing perspective after a tiring day at work.

Plus, it makes a great common space for you to host parties without spending a dime in venue rental or an open exercise area to get you motivated for the day.

3. Carport that can fit more than one vehicle

Not too long ago, paid parking was an alien concept. Nowadays, you have to shell a monthly fee for rent, or invest more like you’re buying a piece of land if you plan to own a single-car parking space.

Homeowners at Mahogany Place III, on the other hand, can enjoy the spacious parking area, which already comes with the property. Homeowners have the luxury of parking up to four cars (or even convert half of it as a bonus space) without breaking the bank.

4. Access to country club lifestyle


You have community amenities, and then there’s country club amenities. Living at Mahogany Place III will give any homeowner the entitlement to enjoy both community and country club amenities.

Clubhouse (Indoor)

  • Lobby lounge area
  • Main function hall with bar and kitchen
  • Separate saunas for male and female
  • Poolside dining
  • Mini-mart
  • 20-seater mini-theater
  • Dance studio
  • Game room
  • Fully-equipped fitness gym

Outdoor Amenities

  • Fully-equipped children’s playground
  • Amphitheater
  • Gazebos
  • Full basketball court
  • Adult pool
  • Kiddie pool
  • Picnic grove
  • Sandbox
  • Parks and gardens
  • Pool deck

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