Buying a home in the Philippines involves a lot of processes, including a personal visit to the property. However, not all home buyers such as overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) and online shoppers have the luxury of time to visit properties.

Moreover, there is a rising need in home seekers and homebuyers to have access to on-demand information about the properties that are being sold out there in the market that no flyer or online property listing can solely satisfy.

This is where a more sophisticated technology comes into play – 360 virtual reality. Here are the reasons why 360 virtual reality will improve the way real estate brokers and sellers do home viewings.

1. Virtual reality can provide the information home seekers demand than what’s already provided on your listing photos and property descriptions.

Property viewings using 360 virtual reality mirrors the experience of going on a “tripping” of an actual property or location. It lets viewers explore a model or actual unit or home in an immersive, 360-degree view. This gives your potential clients a comprehensive, experiential look at a property, whether it’s a condominium in Makati or Taguig.

Don’t believe me? Take a 360 virtual reality tour of Uptown Ritz using this web version:

2. 360 virtual reality will encourage interaction from your clients.

If a home buyer finds your services satisfactory, they will more likely choose you and recommend you to people they know. As such, it is necessary to present your business in an engaging way.

This is why Customer Experience is an essential part of any business. Because 360 virtual reality is an interactive experience, home buyers can navigate the property offered with you. As you explain the living space opportunities of the featured property, clients can follow you by panning around the unit horizontally or vertically, or even going to different rooms to inspect.

3. 360 virtual reality gives the property you are selling more exposure as compared to a real estate listing on a static platform.

As a real estate agent, you do your best to be available for viewings at any times. Sometimes, you even spend holidays or weekends showing people around a property.

This is where 360 virtual reality can help you. On-demand 360 virtual reality tours of your featured properties that can either be accessed on a reliable property portal or a portable viewer or goggles.

Because of these capabilities, you can easily reach out to different people who are in various time zones or locations. And if the client demands for a property viewing from wherever he or she is, the good thing is they can check out properties right from the comfort of their home or while on a coffee break by using special viewers or goggles, easily making you their go-to, 24/7 salesperson who can showcase properties anytime, anywhere.

4. 360 virtual reality property viewings will save you and your client time, effort, and money.

When you have the 360 virtual reality content of your property, you can simply send a link to your client and encourage them to view it first. If you are on a sales event, booth, or real estate roadshow, simply set up your virtual reality goggles or viewer for your walk-in customers.

In a conventional home viewing, you have to schedule the viewing, reschedule (if your client suddenly needs to attend a meeting), arrange for transportation, check the weather or the traffic situation, etc. In short, you have to spend time, effort, and money. As such, a property viewing via 360 virtual reality sounds awesome as compared to a traditional one.

5. 360 virtual reality can help you create a stronger brand.

If you check other listings websites in the country, you will see that they still use traditional photographs. And though these can still capture a reader’s attention (when using photographs with higher resolution, that is), it is not the same with making people pay a “virtual” visit to the property.

Having a property viewing using 360 virtual reality will definitely leave an impression to your clients. Because of its capability to simulate a location, it will make clients feel as though they were actually checking out the property, and ergo, generate emotions or feelings similar to actually doing a physical viewing.

6. 360 virtual reality can help make you deliver real estate services the smart way.

Since more and more people are using the Internet to look for their new homes, it is important to keep up with the latest technology. You should provide homebuyers with smart tools that would give them the opportunity to navigate properties with just a few clicks.

A 360 virtual tour allows you to maximize the marketing potential technology and the Internet offers. Since more and more people are using the Internet to look for their new homes, it makes sense that you, as a real estate expert, provide them with smart tools that would give them the opportunity to help them with their homebuying decisions.

Haven’t tried 360 virtual reality yet? Click here to know how we can help you wow more clients and gain more sales.

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  • arman

    Would like to know how to make virtual tour of any type of property. Do you have lessons, training for this? Thanks!

    • milotimbol

      Hi arman, you can create virtual tours in a number of ways. You can use apps in your phone like google camera (android), photosynth (iphone). You can also buy 1 shot solutions but you’d have to order it from outside the country. You can also use a DSLR but there’s a bit of a learning curve and its expensive. Are you a broker? or real estate professional? We’d love to get your inputs as we are looking into allowing users to upload their own virtual tours in our system.

  • arman

    Good day Mr. Milo Timbol, I do have DSLR Canon Camera which I used in taking pictures of properties which I am marketing/selling. I am real real estate agent. Am really grateful for any help that you give. Warmest regards!