What makes a condo, townhouse, or house and lot for sale in the Philippines a good investment? Any real estate broker or agent will tell you that a good investment property is the one which offers a high rental return, in the shortest possible time period.

In this article, we will discuss how to compare the best properties in Metro Manila using the rental yield concept. By definition, rental yield is how much rental income a condo, townhouse, or house and lot produces each year as percentage of that property’s value. Formula is as follows:

Gross Rental Yield = Annual rental income/Property Value

Now, why is it important to know the rental yield for a specific property? This is because rental yields help you determine how fast you can recover your investment in that specific property. A higher rental yield means that you can recover your investment in the property faster and generate more profit after it has been paid off.

The Data Science Team at ZipMatch took a look at the most investment worthy properties in Metro Manila in terms of rental yield. In the next paragraphs, we demonstrate how we use rental yield as one of the factors to rank which properties in Metro Manila are worth your investment. The Data Science team evaluated one year’s worth of sale and rental listing data on ZipMatch.com to get an estimated average of rental yields for projects in top cities within Metro Manila.

In the next tables, we highlight the top condo, townhouse or house and lot units in Metro Manila with the highest rental yields.

Quezon City

Project District Developer Rental
Olympic Heights Eastwood City Megaworld 8.95%
Victoria Station 1 Diliman New San Jose Builders Inc. 8.78%
The Avenue Residences New San Jose Builders Inc. 8.73%
Trees Residences SMDC 8.64%
Grass Residences SMDC 8.57%

Pasig City

Project District Developer Rental
Hampton Gardens Maybunga Dynamic Realty &
Resources Corporation
East Raya Gardens San Miguel DMCI 9.75%
The Pearl Place Ortigas Center Robinsons Land 9.50%
Goldland Millenia Tower Ortigas Center Goldland Properties 9.38%
The Prime
Kapitolyo Almayo Ventures Construction and Development Corporation 9.37%


Project District Developer Rental
Alpha Grandview Condominium Malate KSY Land Development Corporation 9.58%
The Grand Towers Taft Avenue Moldex Realty Incorporated 9.23%
8 Adriatico Malate Eton Properties
Philippines Inc.
Three Adriatico Place Malate Robinsons Land 8.43%
Sorrel Residences Sta. Mesa DMCI 7.06%

Makati City
Project District Developer Rental
Cityland Pasong Tamo Cityland Development Corporation 11.78%
Belton Place San Antonio Village Eton 10.46%
The Palm Towers 10.21%
Cityland Makati Executive Towers Cityland Development Corporation 10.00%

Taguig City

Project District Developer Rental
Cypress Towers DMCI 9.77%
Ridgewood Towers C5 Mansions
Development Corporation
Icon Plaza Fort Bonifacio
Global City
Xcell Property Ventures Inc. 9.08%
Sapphire Residences Fort Bonifacio
Global City
G & W Architects 8.44%
Fort Palm Spring Fort Bonifacio
Global City
First Global BYO Corporation 8.28%

Parañaque City

Project District Developer Rental
Avida Towers Sucat Avida 9.26%
Azure Urban Resort Residences Century Properties 8.76%
Siena Park Residences Bicutan DMCI 8.64%
Raya Gardens DMCI 8.52%
Chateau Elysee SMDC 8.23%


Project District Developer Rental
California Garden Square Empire East 10.43%
Dansalan Gardens Malamig DMCI 10.21%
Gateway Regency Robinsons Land 9.47%
Tivoli Garden Residences Hulo DMCI 8.64%
Pines Peak Tower Brgy. Barangka Cityland Development Corporation 8.48%

Pasay City

Project District Developer Rental
150 Newport Boulevard Newport City Megaworld 10.10%
Shell Residences SMDC 9.38%
Bay Garden Club and Residences Federal Land Inc. 7.66%
Sea Residences SMDC 7.24%
Parkside Villas Newport City Megaworld 7.09%


Overall, real estate in the Philippines have good rental yield at an average of 6-7%. That’s a good range compared to its neighbouring countries in SE Asia. India, for example, has an average of 2-3% rental yield. Based on data found in ZipMatch.com, rental yields for the best properties in key Metro Manila cities go no lower than 7% and can go as high as 11.78%.

Makati City properties lead the rankings with the highest yield, which came as no surprise. Cityland Pasong Tamo (11.78%), Makati Prime Tower Suites (10.76%), and Belton Place (10.46%) prove that a piece of real estate in the Philippines’ financial center will yield the best return on investment.

Interestingly, there are affordable properties in underrated Metro Manila locations with notably high rental yields– Hampton Gardens in Maybunga, Pasig (10.29%), California Garden Square (10.43%) and Dansalan Gardens (10.21%), which are both in Mandaluyong. If you’re really curious as to why they have high rental yield rates, you can take a look at their neighborhoods, the amenities, facilities, or privileges tenants have access at these properties, affordability, unit cuts, and property appreciation rates in their neighborhoods.

Final Thoughts

Computing rental yield for a specific property and comparing it to your other prospective ones can certainly help you determine which is a good investment.

On the other hand, go beyond comparing rental yields if you happen to have two prospective properties (or more) that you really can’t make a decision on. Run the numbers and determine the implications on investing in a property that’s located in a specific neighborhood, have these numbers, and type of amenities.

Don’t forget to also run the financial and tax implications, including whether you can afford it well after you purchased the property. Sure, a Makati property will always yield the best return, but if you’re under a limited budget, you can always be creative by looking at below-the-radar locations for affordable properties that will give you a maximum return on investment.

Want to make a confident investment? Visit ZipMatch Rankings to find the best condominiums, neighborhoods and real estate developers in Metro Manila.

Disclaimer: Note that these rankings change periodically. The top developer rankings mentioned in this article are results from data gathered in the second quarter of 2017. See realtime rankings at www.zipmatch.com/rankings.

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    Cityland Pasong Tamo is a total dump. I don’t understand how it fetched the highest rental yield in Makati??? Even the reviews on the page you linked to it are poor. A little strange to see it number one, that’s all.