Home Buying Tips

How to Invest In A Home With Your Significant Other

Is it safe to invest in a home with your significant other even if marriage is not yet in the cards? Here’s how to navigate this potentially awkward commitment.

7 Condo Living Myths, Busted

Planning to buy a condo, but heard it's not a great deal? We've shed light into some of the common misconceptions about living in a condo to help you decide.

4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Worried About Homebuying During Ghost Month

Is investing a pre-selling property a GREAT idea this month? We’ve listed down Ghost Month myths that affects the most sound homebuying judgements.

Moving Into Your New Home? Make the Change Easier For Your Kids

Don’t let moving into a new home stress out your kids. Here are tips for a smooth and hassle-free move.

It’s High Time You Lived in a Low-rise Condominium

Height doesn’t always matter. Living on low-rise condominiums has its own appeal, too. Read on to know the benefits of living in one.

Pre-Selling Vs. Ready for Occupancy (RFO): Which is the Right One for You?

Deciding between a pre-selling or an RFO? Check out their differences and find the best one for you.

What Truly Makes A Great Neighborhood? Here Are 6 Characteristics You Should Consider

Are you living in a great neighborhood? See what elements make a neighborhood a joy to live in, and check out if your place meets these criteria.

8 Design Features to Make a Retirement-Friendly Home

Planning to buy a home for retirement? Here’s how to design a stylish home for the senior years and make your place safe and comfortable.

Need A Home Now? We’ll Show You How To Speed Up The Home Buying Process

You don’t need to wait that long to buy a house. We show you how you can purchase your next home fast and easy even without needing to have a huge bank account.

Perfect That Floor Plan: 8 Tips To Choose The One That Fits Your Lifestyle

Your dream house should not only look beautiful; it has to be mapped out to suit your needs. Select the best house floor plan with these tips.