Home Buying Tips

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Are you living in a great neighborhood? See what elements make a neighborhood a joy to live in, and check out if your place meets these criteria.

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You don’t need to wait that long to buy a house. We show you how you can purchase your next home fast and easy even without needing to have a huge bank account.

Perfect That Floor Plan: 8 Tips To Choose The One That Fits Your Lifestyle

Your dream house should not only look beautiful; it has to be mapped out to suit your needs. Select the best house floor plan with these tips.

Single and Planning to Buy a Condo? A Few Words of Advice

Investing in a condominium unit can be challenging, especially when you’re single. Here are some things to consider before you take the plunge.

5 Workplace Trends And Its Influence on Residential Developments

Find out how current trends influence preferences when it comes to choosing a home.

Are You an OFW? Here are 9 Tips In Buying A House And Lot For Your Family Back Home

For overseas Filipino workers, buying their dream home in the Philippines can be a complicated affair. Here are 9 tips you can use to ensure that you’re getting your money’s (and your time’s) worth.

Here’s What A Condo Unit With A View Would Really Cost You

Is buying a condominium unit with a view worth paying for? Yes, and here are reasons why.

Home Buying Vs Home Renovations: Pros and Cons

Should you move to a new home this year or just give the one you have a makeover? We’ll walk you through the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Location, Location, Location: 5 Tips To Help You Choose the Best Place for Your Home

How can you zero in on the perfect location when choosing your next home? These tips can help.