DMCI sales manager Mark Abulo has been breathing real estate since 2010, but he said it was only this year that he was able to maximize his skills and get high sales revenues in return. How? It’s simple: He invested in the right tools and strategies.

His secret weapon

In 2014 and 2015, Abulo said the average sales production of DMCI Homes was around P200 million. Those were the days when he and his team had to post their listings on various buy-and-sell websites in order to get online leads. This, he said, was actually a major setback for them since they could not focus on what they do best: selling.

“I didn’t have very good success with them simply because I needed to create the content. That is the difficulty. We want to do more of an active calling than creating content,” he said. “It really takes a lot of time for us to put everything into three sentences that would create a very good impact.”

But then he found us, online real estate marketplace ZipMatch. We offer numerous property pages which agents and brokers can subscribe to in order to receive leads instantly. Property pages already contain all the information homeseekers need, so professionals no longer need to create content themselves. ZipMatch Pro subscribers only need ZipCoins to buy client inquiries.

In short, there was no more need to create listings and do flyering. He and his team could finally focus on selling.

I was really impressed on how you approach this kind of business… I told my team, ‘Let us try this.’

From Top 20 to Top 5

It was in January 2016 when Abulo and his sales team of 10 invested in ZipCoins and started buying leads. And in just a span of 10 months and with that relatively small investment, his team was able to sell six units and get P40 million worth of sales revenues — well ahead of the other teams in DMCI.

That amount is 10 percent of the current P400-million overall sales production of DMCI.

And there’s more: From being ranked 20th among all the sales teams in DMCI, Abulo’s team is now ranked 5th and is even gunning for the Top 1 position.

“If you’re very good in flyering, you can get, at most, 5 to 10 leads. That is the whole mall hours, so 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. You consistently cannot do that on a daily basis,” Abulo noted. “Knowing my agents are receiving inquiries on a daily basis just sitting down, I believe that helps them to be very productive, to focus more on nurturing their leads.”

Being a sure seller

The success of Abulo’s team was of course not just a result of making the right choice but also doing hard work.

Leads don’t always convert to instant deals, Abulo stressed. If you want result, you have to work for it. His piece of advice for fellow real estate pros: Nurture your leads and make a lasting connection with your clients.

I keep on telling [the other teams in DMCI], ‘If you’re looking for a sure buyer, you should be a sure seller first.’

“They always say, ‘Sure buyer ba? Are those inquiring sure buyers? Mostly, are they bogus? Are they qualified? Do they have money?’… Then they ignore. After getting the leads, they ignore it and shelve it. Ako, I’ll buy it from you.”



This year has indeed been good for Abulo and his team, but he is expecting the coming years to be even way, way, way better.

Because now, Abulo is aiming for further success with our latest offering for professionals: exclusivity. They can now be branded as the expert seller and “go-to” pro for a project to hundreds of thousands of ZipMatch homeseekers, which means they receive all client inquiries.

This is the perfect match, really.
Ten percent is 10 percent. That is big, and that is only the first year. That is why I tell the group, ‘In the next three years, we will benefit more from our ZipMatch lead generation.’

True enough, in just less than a month after being branded as ZipMatch’s exclusive seller for The Celandine Residences in Quezon City and Calathea Place in Paranaque City, Abulo has already closed two more deals.

Now, there is definitely no stopping Abulo and his team from reaching the top.

Want to be like Mark Abulo? Be an expert pro for your project and get inquiries – exclusively.

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