Townhouse living generally involves being in a shared community. It is a type of real estate property for sale in the Philippines where homes are in a row, share common walls, and are managed by a homeowners’ association.

Your neighbors play an important role in making your living experience in your townhouse a great one. In order to make that happen, you should also do your part.

Check out these nine tips to know more about being a good neighbor in a shared community where you can live in peace and harmony, and not be a type of neighbor that other homeowners would avoid.

1. Befriend your neighbors.

When you move into your new home, don’t forget to introduce yourself and say “hello” to your neighbors. This is an easy way to break the ice and get to know the people who will share the living space with you.

By communicating with your neighbors, you are showing them that you are nice and approachable. This would help you in the long run so that in case of problems, you can easily talk it out with them.

2. Keep the noise down.

living room modern dwellings
This nice townhouse interior allows you to position your TV away from shared walls.

One distinct characteristic of a townhouse is that it shares a common wall with other homeowners. This is what you have to keep in mind before you start hammering a nail in the wall to put up your family portrait at midnight because you can’t wait to showcase or dragging your appliances across the floor because you want to start retrofitting your home for an earthquake or a disaster.

No one expects you to be quiet, but you should be aware and considerate of your neighbor. Here’s how you can further minimize the noise at home:

  • Use rubber stoppers on the base of a furniture to muffle the noise.
  • Karaoke nights are a no-no, even if you’re celebrating an occasion, unless you turn down the volume.
  • If you really have to host a party inside your home, do advise your neighbors in advance.
  • Avoid noisy recreational activities that may involve running or shouting.
  • Don’t position TVs, speakers, or white appliances near the partition walls.

3. Ensure safety within your space.

Security is one of the reasons many people find living in a townhouse appealing. Make sure you keep it a safe haven for your neighbors by doing these steps:

  • Keep common areas free from obstruction.
  • Ensure that your air conditioners are properly mounted.
  • Do not store flammable items or throw burning items in the common garbage can.
  • Do not vandalize common areas or amenities.
  • Do not throw litter outside your windows.

4. Be a responsible pet owner.

cat in a cage
There are certain pet policies you need to follow when living in shared spaces.

Dogs, cats, and other types of pets are an integral part of many Filipino households. They are considered family members that add happiness to our lives. However, not everyone is a pet lover. It is therefore necessary that you show responsibility for your pets and make sure it will not disturb the neighbors.

There are certain rules for pet owners that they should follow when living in a townhouse:

  • Put a leash on your pet, carry them, or keep them in a cage when you are bringing them outside your home so they won’t run around.
  • Make sure your pet won’t poop outside, but if an accident happens make sure to clean it up immediately.
  • Train your pets, especially dogs, so they won’t create noise during ungodly hours.

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5. Be accountable with your actions as a homeowner.

If you’ve created a disturbance or done something that have compromised your neighbor’s comfort, you should take accountability for it. Go ahead and apologize to your neighbor and find a way to mend your fences. If you’ve accidentally broken or destroyed a property of theirs, make sure to shoulder the expenses for the repair.

6. Keep the exterior appeal.

exterior townhouse
Your outdoor space is equally important as the interior, make sure to keep it neat and tidy.

Since you are residing in a common space, you are also responsible to keeping your surrounding area spic and span. If you have a dirty and cluttered exterior, it will reflect badly on your neighbors too and may turn off potential new homeowners.

Make sure that you don’t leave your children’s toys, your garden tools, and other personal items lying on your doorstep or surrounding space. Store them away properly. For waste disposal and pickup, take out your trash during garbage collection time only. Cities have different schedules so ensure that you follow them.

7. Don’t be a gossip monger.

Your neighbors in a shared community can be an extra form of security. Don’t create discord and lose their trust by gossiping about another homeowner. It’s an unbecoming trait in any person, and it may come back to you. If you have issues with a certain neighbor, go directly to that person and discuss it in a matured manner.

8. Practice driver etiquette.

Good driving manners is essential when living in a townhouse community.

Townhouses come with hassle-free parking space, and you should be thoughtful enough of your neighbor’s comfort when you drive and park your vehicle. Follow these tips to be a good car owner:

  • Park on your own space.
  • Don’t block anyone’s access when you park.
  • Don’t rev up your vehicle’s engine early in the morning or late at night.
  • Avoid slamming doors when you get out of your car.
  • Don’t shine headlights into your neighbor’s windows.
  • When expecting visitors, make sure that their vehicles do not obstruct the neighbor’s driveway.

Additionally, make sure you close the garage door properly, especially if it’s an automatic gate. It’s not an excuse to keep it open because you’ll only be getting or dropping something off since it is a security risk.

9. Be respectful.

This is the ultimate practice that would ensure a harmonious life within a shared community. Being respectful means valuing other people’s space, views, and time. Remember that your neighbors may have been raised or taught differently and that we all have unique personalities. Treat them with respect so that you too would be treated the same.

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