Closing a sale is perhaps the most emotion-filled part in the homebuying process. For the real estate broker or sales agent at this point, this stage will determine whether you have truly done your job, especially if the sales prospect tells you that he doesn’t have the budget to buy and own a condo, townhouse or house and lot for sale.

Here are ten best commandments in helping you seal that deal with your homebuyer:

1. Treat your prospective homebuyer like he/she is King.

A sales prospect, when given a well-delivered and valuable pitch, would end up a sure buyer in the end. But if ever the sale did not push through, your sales prospect could also regard you as a go-to person and refer you to potential buyers in the future.

2. Thou shall bring a proposal to your homebuyer in writing.

Presenting your propositions in paper increases your homebuyer’s confidence in the negotiation because it is properly documented. Your written proposal will reduce apprehensions any type of homebuyer has about the real estate transaction.

3. Even kings have a sense of humor.

While negotiations are a serious matter, it shouldn’t be all businesslike. Visual-social types of smart homebuyers will be more open to making decisions favorable to you when you befriend them and make them feel at ease. Listen to your homebuyer and take cues so you can personalize your remarks.

4. Remember your customer’s Sabbath and keep it holy.

Respect your homebuyer’s time. If they agree on a one-minute presentation, make it count by communicating the highlights of your real estate agreement. Moreover, stick with simple words or terminologies when asking the important question (will you buy the property?) and back it up with a written proposal.

5. Honor the terms and conditions you’ve agreed upon in the contract.

The key to also closing a sale and gain the trust of your homebuyer is to not overpromise. At this stage in the homebuying process, you have already set realistic expectations to your client, including the closing costs that needs to be paid after signing the dotted line.

6. Thou shall win your homebuyer with a smile.

Regardless of any disagreement, objection, or doubt that would arise during the negotiation, always address your homebuyer with a smile. This goes the same with understanding your client’s needs and solving their pain points. A smile signals confidence, and can make a positive impact during your negotiation.

7. Thou shall not commit customer “adultery” during the negotiations.

Make sure that your focus is on your homebuyer only during the negotiation. If you do stand or move about without purpose, they may take this as a sign that you are not committed to pushing the deal through. Turn your smartphone off to ward off calls, text messages, or emails from other clients. Never lose eye contact, and remain seated or in place throughout the entire negotiation, even if your homebuyer will stand or walk.

8. Thou shall not steal a co-worker’s pen. Bring your own.

How else are you going to close a sale if you do not have your own pen? A pen is a useful tool in a negotiation. Aside from using it for signatures, you can use it to jot down notes or reminders during the negotiations (since your smartphone has been essentially turned off).

9. Thou shall not bear false witness against your competitors.

It is never proper to badmouth your competition to get the services of your clients. Instead, highlight the benefits your homebuyer would receive from the agreement, like the property’s potential to earn home equity or rental income, for example.

10. Thou shall covet the right attitude throughout the negotiation.

As negotiations don’t always end up in “closed wons,” maintaining a positive attitude makes you eager to find opportunities to continue relations with your homebuyer and convince others who are still in the home search phase.

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