In an industry where there’s too much competition and too many channels to seek for customers, a powerful personal brand can change all of that. Not only does it allow you to stand out from your competition, it also lets you present other offers that may be different from the original inquiry. Moreover, you’ll enjoy more inbound inquiries as compared to you knocking like that salesman from a popular appliances company.

You probably wonder why am I saying this. Well, let me ask you a question: have you noticed something about real estate ads lately on social media?

Yep, they all look the same.

Kumusta ang inquiries mo from these ads? I bet a majority of them do not follow through after the initial inquiry.

But we applaud you for taking such a non-traditional step in marketing and selling your properties today. This is because you understand the importance of Internet (especially social media) in your business. It is a free advertising space and an opportunity equalizer, meaning you have the same chance as your next competitor in landing an inquiry that could lead a sale.

However, if you only use the Internet to post and share properties for sale or lease without thinking of strategies on how to ensure that your intended targets will actually inquire with you, you are no different that a real estate professional flyering near a public place.

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Your Own Professional Brand: A New Way To Get Targeted Clients

The real estate profession is among the few careers where you can capitalize on your professional experience and personal brand to gain clients. The most surprising thing? Only a few uses this tactic when it comes to marketing themselves.

Having a personal brand is the most powerful tool that you can explore. Whether you’re an independent broker or are affiliated with a brokerage firm or developer, a good personal brand can garner leads with interest — meaning inquiries made through your personal brand are more likely to engage with you long after the initial inquiry or pursue the inquiry further.

Personal brand can catch a client’s loyalty if they see that you’re the one to go to when it comes to condos for sale in Makati or affordable house and lot.

How To Build Your Personal Brand [Infographic]

Here are 6 steps to building a personal brand in real estate:

how to build your professional brand

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1. Create a professional portfolio you can be proud of.

How do you want your current and future clients to know you as? Create a story that would make you different from your peers in your Broker Profile.

A well-crafted Broker Profile allows your clients to see the whole picture of you and your real estate professional credentials, like your PRC and HLURB licenses, verified trade associations, etc. This is because your future clients will see you as a real person whom they can consult with.

2. Showcase your specialty.

You want to distinguish yourself as an expert. As such, it will help if you establish this fact by associating your Broker Profile with your uploaded listings, listing your developer affiliations, and subscribing to projects you’re selling units in.

broker profile bio
Did you know? Home seekers are more comfortable inquiring with a broker who has a complete Profile than none.

3. Leave your mark.

What makes a real PRO better than his or her competitors? Through customer service. Sure you’ve got a kick-ass Broker Profile, but you have to follow it through with a great customer service.

zipmatch client review zipmatch user review broker
Filipinos tend to reciprocate gratitude, whether you’ve helped them achieve their goal or have simply answered their burning questions.

Here are some suggested articles to help you provide great customer service from the initial contact to after-sales:

4. Establish authority on the properties you’re selling.

Establishing authority in your field is essential when building your personal brand. Not only will it help you get distinguished from your competitors when it comes to selling condos for sale in the Philippines or house and lots, but people will be more receptive to you because they think of you more as a person who can help or educate, rather than selling them something.

Real estate veterans in the Philippines usually blog or build an online following via their social media posts. On the other hand, writing and publishing subject matter topics is the ultimate ticket to gaining instant authority.

zipmatch project review
A Property Review will have a greater impact for potential clients who are in the home search stage, and will resort to follow-up inquiries.

5. Make your presence known in your target market.

Whether you’re an independent broker or an in-house sales agent, people are more inclined to transact with you if your profile is linked or showcased on a resource content.

ProFile Plus
ProFile Plus enables you to boost your online presence and credibility as a recommended professional.

6. Be laser-focused in delivering customer service.

The things you do as a real estate professional are like patches of a quilt. Each patch is important, but it’s only a part of a greater whole that contributes to your personal brand. It isn’t until after you assemble the larger product that its true beauty is revealed.

Whether you’re handling just one client or many in one effort, you should go full-circle by personalizing customer service. Sharing insider info about the neighborhood of the properties they have inquired, or as simple as remembering them on their birthday can do wonders for your personal brand, and your efforts into closing a sale or securing a good referral.

crm tool
Customer relationship management (CRM) tools like Client Manager can help you manage and analyze your interactions with your client’s stage after homebuying stage until you land that coveted sale.

Building your very own personal brand is easy when you #ThinkLikeAPro. Boost your online presence now and stand out to potential homebuyers. Learn more about ZipMatch ProFile Plus.

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