Some parents would send their kids to schools as far as the opposite end of where they live. Despite the distance, these parents believe that the schools or universities will give their children a good start in life.

However, most kids are not excited about the long commute, and understandably so. When I was still studying, the bus service would pick me up as early as 6 o’clock in the morning just to get to class on time. Being the passenger who lived farthest from school, I was also the last one to be dropped off at the end of the day. I often felt tired, and all I wanted to do was just sleep!

Looking back at these experiences, I’ve come to the conclusion that living near a school is a smart decision for both parents and children. Here are 10 reasons why:

For Parents

1. There is peace of mind knowing the fact that your children are safe.

Police and local authorities are highly visible in areas nearby schools and universities. Parents can be assured that their children are in a secure and closely monitored environment.

Living close to your children’s school also gives you more opportunities to meet and talk to their friends and classmates. It’s very reassuring to know that they’re keeping the right company.

2. Parents can save time and money commuting.

A home that’s walking distance from your children’s school is a blessing, especially for working parents. They can easily drop off their kids on their way to the office, beating the rush hour in the process.

And because of the home’s proximity to the school, parents don’t have to pay for a school bus service. Kids can also opt to go home for lunch and eat hearty, nutritious meals that you’ve prepared yourself.

3. Properties near schools have higher appreciation rates.

This modern, three-bedroom townhouse in Mahabagin Street, Teachers Village, for example, is near renowned academic institutions like Philippine Science High School, University of the Philippines Diliman, Miriam College, and Ateneo de Manila University, to name a few. Because of the demand in living spaces, properties like this townhouse are expected to appreciate in value in the years to come.

33 mahabagin townhouse
This townhouse by Modern Dwellings is just 10 minutes away from some of the country’s top schools.

4. There are less early morning battles.

Getting kids to wake up early in the morning and prepare for school is a battle fought by parents every single day. If you live near your children’s school, everyone in the family can sleep a little longer and even enjoy a relaxed breakfast. If the kids forgot something, they can easily go home to get it. After all, school is just a few minutes away.

5. Get access to extra amenities.

You and your kids need not go far to have a good time. If your children’s school has facilities like a basketball court, a swimming pool, a running track, a football field, or a playground, students can use them even on weekends.

For Children

6. Walking to and from school is a good exercise to develop their street smarts.

If your children walk to and from school or use public transportation, they become more aware of their surroundings in a public space. They become more alert, knowledgeable about traffic rules, check their belongings, and only talk to people they know and trust.

7. Children will have more time and energy to do other things.

Long commutes are exhausting, especially with the horrendous traffic in Manila today. If your children go to a nearby school, they get home earlier than usual as they spend little time commuting in heavy traffic. As such, they have more time and energy to play, learn a hobby, do their homework, and study for the next day.

33 mahabagin
Your children would love coming home to this at the end of a busy school day.

8. Children who live close to their schools gain independence.

Children enjoy being the boss. For children ages 11 and up, being able to go to school by themselves without Mom, Dad, or household help around to help gives them a sense of empowerment.

9. It encourages them to lead an active lifestyle.

Being able to access the school’s sports facilities even on weekends gives them more reasons to exercise and bond with friends. These activities will also give boost their confidence to take part in more extracurricular activities as well.

10. They learn to manage their schedule.

Kids learn to budget their time accordingly when they live near their school. They will be in charge of knowing what time they should wake up and get ready to make it to class on time.

If you’re shopping for a new home and have come up with a checklist of things to consider in a neighborhood, do include school proximity to your list.

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