Buying a dream home or an investment property in the Philippines may seem like a daunting task, particularly for first-time home buyers, because it involves careful preparation and extensive research. Some people get confused on how to go about it that they botch the deal and fail to acquire the property they want. Worst, others are taken advantage of and get scammed because they didn’t perform due diligence or properly processed the legal documents

Fear no more.

ZipMatch, in keeping with its commitment to empower Filipinos to become homeowners, created “Metro Manila Buying Guide.”

It is a comprehensive reference material for those getting ready to buy a house or a condominium, and want to be organized in their planning.

Metro Manila Buying Guide features the important process involved in purchasing a property, current milieu of the residential market, and an overview of the key cities in the metropolis.

This aims to help home buyers know what is entailed in the entire home buying process, get a brief insight as to what is happening in the residential real estate, and identify which location suits their needs best.

It comprises three parts:

Metro Manila at a Glance, Buying Guide, and Hotspots.

The Metro Manila at a Glance lists the cities which make up the whole metropolitan area. It also gives a short introduction on how budget plays a role in choosing a location when buying a property

The Buying Guide provides a check list of the entire buying process. Each describes what goes on during and after completing one part. It covers different elements, which includes:

  • Practice Due Diligence.
  • Make a Reservation.
  • Sign the Contract to Sell.
  • Execute the Deed of Absolute Sale.
  • Transfer of Ownership.
  • Taxes and Fees.

The Hotspots includes an introduction to key areas in Metro Manila where prime developments have risen and continue to thrive. Each consist a brief background and neighborhood highlights. Notable projects found in these places are also listed down.

ZipMatch Buying Guide

Don’t be at lost with what to do in order to get the home you’ve always wanted. Think SMART when buying a home.

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