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Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) sacrifice a lot in order to give the families they left behind in the Philippines a better life. Thus, it is important that their hard-earned money is put to good use. One of the ways OFWs do this is by becoming a member of Pag-IBIG, a savings program managed by the national government.

Before the Pag-IBIG Fund Law of 2009 was introduced, OFWs were not required to register as a Pag-IBIG member. Those who wanted to join applied voluntarily through the Pag-IBIG Overseas Program (POP). This program was initiated to give OFWs an opportunity to save for their future as well as to provide them a chance to avail of housing loans.

But with the new law requiring OFWs to become a member of the Pag-IBIG Fund, how will it affect the membership of OFWs who applied under POP or the current Pag-IBIG Fund? What will happen to the contributions under POP? Will it be combined with the OFWs current savings?

Here are some of the things OFWs need to know about RA 9679:

1. Republic Act 9679 of the Home Development Mutual Fund Law of 2009

Known as the Pag-IBIG Fund Law of 2009, this aims to improve the Filipino quality of life by offering housing assistance for every member. Moreover, it also provides a national savings scheme that gives an opportunity for local employees and OFWs to set aside money for the future.

Once a member completes the 240 monthly contributions, or the 20 year maturity period, he or she would get the entire amount saved, the equivalent contributions made by the employer (if there are any), and the dividends gained.

2. POP Membership vs. Pag-IBIG I (RA 9679)

The Pag-IBIG Overseas Program was a voluntary savings option for Filipinos working abroad. But when RA 9697 was enacted last January 2010, it became mandatory for land-based and sea-based OFWs to become a member under the Pag-IBIG I program. This is to give all Filipino workers, whether located here or in another country, an equal chance to save money for the future as well as to attain their dream of becoming homeowners.

However, this remains voluntary for immigrants and for those naturalized in other countries.

3. Applying as a Member

Every OFW is required to enroll before they leave the country or before they return from their stint abroad. Nonetheless, even if you are already a POP member, you have to register under the Pag-IBIG I program. Those who are still overseas may apply for Pag-IBIG posts in their host countries.

For those abroad, OFWs may visit the Pag-IBIG Information Desk that is located in the Philippine Embassy or Consular office in the country where they are working. They need to submit the filled out Membership Registration Form (MRF-FPF095) or the Member’s Data Form (MDF-FPF0909). These forms are also available for download in the Pag-IBIG website.

For those who are waiting to be deployed abroad, they may register at any Pag-IBIG branch or in the satellite office found in the Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA) headquarters in Mandaluyong City. OFWs may also go to the Pag-IBIG Fund International Operations Group, which is located in the 6th floor of Justine Bldg. in Makati City. There are also selected banks and remittance centers acknowledge by PAG-IBIG including the Metrobank, Philippine National Bank, and iRemit Global Remittances Inc.

Aside from registration, existing members should also update their record, particularly when there are changes in their personal information.

4. Membership Contribution

According to Pag-IBIG, the minimum contribution of a member is Php100. But if you are planning to get a housing loan in the future, your minimum contribution should be Php200. The value applied is based on the prevailing peso equivalent at the time of the payment.

All payments are shouldered by the OFW because there is no employer counterpart for them, unless the foreign employer offers to contribute.

In the event that OFWs want to allocate a larger contribution, they may do so. Pag-IBIG is encouraging its members to contribute more so that when their contributions reach maturity, which is after 20 years, their savings would be larger, in addition to the tax-free dividends.

To pay the contributions, OFWs may visit the Pag-IBIG office located in the embassy or consular office in the host country as well as accredited banks and remittance partners. Check out the different ways to pay contribution and housing and loan payments. Or visit Pag-IBIG’s website for a comprehensive guide on their payment facilities and the list of accredited banks and remittance partners.

How about for those who have been contributing for POP?

Because POP and Pag-IBIG are two different programs, contributions to the first will not be combined with the latter. POP members are encouraged to continue contributing to POP until it reaches the maturity period where they can then withdraw their funds.

Benefits of being a Pag-IBIG member

There are many benefits when one becomes a Pag-IBIG member. This helps you have savings and an opportunity to avail of short-term loans. But perhaps the most important program benefit of Pag-IBIG, if not the most popular, is its affordable housing loan assistance. When people plan to buy their dream home, they would immediately inquire how to apply for a Pag-IBIG housing loan.

What are your experiences as an OFW regarding Pag-IBIG Fund? Share us your thought by commenting below.

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  • Rizza Estoconing Sta Ana

    hi ma gorgonia ete! Usually pa nagbabayad kau, hinihingan po kau ng resibo ng cashier to determine what Pag-IBIG number ilalagay yung payments nyo po. My sister had the same issue too, pero I made a call to the Makati POP accounts and was able to get a Pag-IBIG number and how she can check her payments online.

    Pag-IBIG’s hotline number is 724-4244 tapos parefer po kau sa POP accounts (OFWs).

    Eto rin po yung OFW branch directory ng Pag-IBIG para sa asawa nyo po:

    Good luck!

  • Zipporah Antonio

    Hi @joemarieaquinomendoza:disqus. Maari niyo pong basahin ang article na ito para malaman yung proseso. Dahil mandatory na po ang pagiging member sa Pag-IBIG 1 program, hindi na po kailangang maging member ng POP. Hope this helps. :)

  • Ronald Yarcia

    maganda araw po…ofw po asawa ko…nagbabayad po xa ng contribution nya n POP, february 2015 nag mature ang contri bution nya kc 5 years lng po yung kinuha nya..february 2010 po yung first payment nya ng POP..then nag ask po xa s consulate s hongkonh n kung pwde n withdraw yung pera nya sbi eh ang sagot po eh hndi daw po pwde kc 2010 day first payment nya…ask ko lng po kung mawithdraw po nmin yung pera nya….salamat po

    • Zipporah Antonio

      Hi @ronaldyarcia:disqus. Ayon po sa Pag-IBIG, maari mong mawithdraw ang iyong kabuuang contribution basta’t nagmature na ito ( Maigi po sigurong makipagugnayan kayo sa Overseas Accounts department ng Pag-IBIG para linawin ang inyong isyu. Ito po ang mga numerong pwede ninyong tawagan: 892-0643, 723-7599 o trunkline 812-4731. Hope this helps.

  • anna monteclaro

    Hello po..
    nasa abroad po papa ko and gusto nya po magloan sa pag ibig ..makakapagloan po ba ??paano po??
    Salamat ..

    • Hi @annamonteclaro:disqus. Maari pong magloan ang papa ninyo basta ma-meet niya ang requirements katulad ng nakapaghulog na siya ng minimum number of contributions na two years at iba pa. Para po sa ibang requirements, maari ninyong bisitahin ang Pag-IBIG website. For tips, you can read this Hope this helps.

  • bumilicious

    Hi po! Nag apply na po ako ng ofw pag-ibig bago ako umalis ng pinas, pano po ako makakapag contribute monthly kung balak kong mag housing loan in the future? Maraming salamat!

  • Ellainecosme Castillo

    Hello po
    Ask qoh lng poh Diba poh pag ng bayad ng oec ksama nah ang sah pah ibig nah contributions for two years?

  • miriam de vera

    GUD AM po..nsa abroad po ang asawa at ako po naghuhulog ng contri. nya ky lng po my mga time n s mga bayad centers ako nagbbyad at nalaman ko n hindi po pl pede dun kc POP daw po.pno po iyon ppasok din po b s account ng asawa ko ung mga naihulog ko s mga bayad centers..

    • Hi miriam de vera. Ayon po sa pagkaka-research ko, maari kang maghulog ng contributions sa remittance partners ng Pag-IBIG tulad ng Bayad Center. Mabuti pong i-verify ninyo kung pumasok ang ibinayad ninyo sa mismong opisina ng Pag-IBIG. Mas mainam po kung naitago ninyo ang mga resibo ng contributions ng asawa ninyo para may valid evidence kayo na nagbayad kayo. Sana po makatulong ito.

  • jeffrey balondo

    OFW po ako ngayon dto sa japan.pano po ako makapagloan ng housing loan sa pinas pwede po asawa ko mg asikaso sa pagibig office.thanks po

    • Rizza Estoconing Sta Ana

      Hi jeffrey balondo! As long as makaprovide po yung inyong asawa ng authorization letter kalakip ng iyo at kanyang valid IDs and documents na magpapatunay na may ugnayan po kayo, pwede pong magloan physically ang iyong asawa on your behalf.

      Eto po ang isang quick guide pano mag-apply ng housing loan:

      Pwede rin po kayong mag-apply ng loan online and provide all of the documents dito:

      Sana nakatulong po ako. Good luck!

  • Rik

    Hi, Ofw po ako dto Saudi.
    Hingi lang po ideya/payo:

    1. Nagbabayad po ako ng pagibig contri thru online payment ng pagibig gamit ko philippine bank account ko. Counted po ba yun under POP?

    2. Okay lang po ba magpapalit palit ng amount na hinuhulog monthly?

    3. Bakit di po nagaappear online yung contributions ko nung nagtatrabaho pa ko s pinas? Di na ba un counted sa contri.ko kahit parehas lang pagibig mid no.ko? San na po mapupunta ung amount na hinulog ko nung sa pinas pa ko nagtatrabaho?

    Thanks in advance.
    God bless.

    • Hi @disqus_B2Kni1q9UL:disqus!

      Regarding #1, dati na po ba kayong miyembro ng POP? Ayon po kasi sa bagong batas ng Pag-IBIG, kailangan magparehistro pa din kayo sa Pag-IBIG I program. Dapat po na-update ninyo ang inyong information sa Pag-IBIG para mas maayos ang proseso ng pagbabayad ninyo.

      Para sa ibang paraan para maghulog ng monthly contribution, maari ninyong basahin ang article na ito:

      For #2, as long as nai-reremit ninyo ang minimum na halaga na kailangan for monthly contribution (P100), ayos lang po na paiba-iba ang hinuhulog ninyo. Ayon sa Pag-IBIG mas mainam na dagdagan ninyo ang buwanang hulog para mas malaki ang maipon ninyo.

      At sa #3. Sa pagakakaalam ko po, pagsasamahin ang lahat ng inyong kontribusyon mula ng kayo ay nagtratrabaho dito sa Pilipinas hanggang sa magparehistro kayo bilang OFW. Ayon sa kanila, magpalipat-lipat man kayo ng kumpanya ay mananatiling portable o nasa panagalan ninyo ang inyong naihulog.

      Mainam po na makipagugnayan kayo sa Pag-IBIG para i-update ang inyong contribution. Ito po ang mga numerong pwede ninyong tawagan: 892-0643, 723-7599 o trunkline 812-4731 (Pag-IBIG Overseas Accounts Department).

      Hope this helps.

  • Hendrix Sulit

    Good afternoon,

    How much is the 1-year monthly contribution of an OFW?
    Gusto po kasi namin bayaran na ung 1 year contribution para ok na lahat. Both SSS at Pag-IBIG po.


  • razel

    gud day my husband asking about pag ibig
    1.what the purpose for getting pag ibig 1 many years did we payed
    3. how much can we payed
    4.if we can finish payed, what benefit to us
    5. we can withdraw a cash after that ?

    thank you i hope u answer

    • Hi @disqus_vVzxIIu4Ow:disqus!

      For questions #1 and 4. Being a member of the Pag-IBIG I (RA 9679) is mandatory for all Filipinos (whether locally employed or working arboad). It is a national savings scheme that allows a member to save money for retirement or other immediate use such as housing loans.

      3. Your minimum monthly contribution is P100, but you can pay more so that when your contributions reach maturity, your savings will be larger.

      For questions #2 and 5. The maturity period is set at 20 years or equivalent to a total of 240 monthly contributions. Once you’ve completed it, you can now get the entire amount you’ve saved.

      Hope this helps!

  • Merynold Magallanes

    Hi paano ko malaman kung magkano ang dapat kung i contribute monthly.I already have my RTN no.gusto ko na sana mag start mag remit pero di ko alam kung magkano ang monthly contribution ko as ofw.

    • Hi @merynoldmagallanes:disqus! Ang minimum monthly contribution po is P100, pero maaari kayong magremit ng mas malaki para pagna-reach na ang maturity period, mas malaki ang savings ninyo. Hope this helps!

  • Jeffrey Cataytay

    POP member po ako pero 7 months nahulougan ang contribution ko.pwde po ba itong ipagpatuloy ng pag hulog para maka loan po ako?

    • Hi @jeffreycataytay:disqus! Sa pagkakaalam ko po, maari naman hanggang sa ma-reach ninyo ang maturity period. Pero para po makapagloan kayo, kailangan miyembro na kayo ng Pag-IBIG I program at nakapaghulog na ng at least 2 years’ worth of contribution. Hope this helps!

  • Dinn Yamamoto

    Hi. Just want to know po if it’s possible if I process (here in the Philippines) the application of a family friend who is an immigrant in the US? Or it is mandatory that he apply po sa outlet close to him ng PagIbig? Also, ano po ang inyong marecommend na apply niya? POP or P1 po?

    Thank you!

    • Good day, @dinnyamamoto:disqus! It is advisable that he registers personally for a faster and more convenient transaction. He can go to the dedicated Pag-IBIG desk found in the Philippine embassy or consulate he is located. Your family friend should apply for the Pag-IBIG I program since that is what’s mandatory.

      For more information, you may call the Overseas Accounts department based in Makati at landline numbers 892-0643, 723-7599 or trunkline 812-4731 on his behalf. Hope this helps! :)

      • Dinn Yamamoto

        Thank you very much. This is a very informative blog/site that really helps a lot. Kudos

        • You’re welcome! We’re glad to help. Thank you for your kind words. :)

        • You’re welcome, @dinnyamamoto:disqus! Thanks as well. :)

      • michelle

        Gudpm sir antonio ask kolanh po dati npo ako member ng pag ibig at nkpgloan ndin po ako kaso po hindi kona po alam ung pag ibig number ko paano kopo malalaman ung pag ibig number ko.

        • Hi michelle. Mainam po na makipag-ugnayan na kayo sa Pag-IBIG sa pagretrieve ng inyong MID number para mas mabilis ang proseso. Tumawag lang kayo sa Pag-IBIG hotline 724-4244 o magpadala ng e-mail sa

          Hope this helps po! :)

  • Karen

    Hi po good afternoon ofw po ako mayroon na po ako no. Sa pag ibig nagamit ko napo sya isang beses ko lang po nahulugan 100dirhams po tapos di na po ako naka hulog uit maaari ko po bang ipatuloy yun at counted din ba yun sa savings ko ung unang nahulog ko noon?

    • Hi @disqus_ql0f4J9lB8:disqus. Opo, puwede niyo pong ipagpatuloy ang paghuhulog. Sa pagkakaalam ko po, counted pa rin naman yun dahil nasa account ninyo naman. Mas maganda po i-verify niyo yung details ninyo sa Pag-IBIG para ma-update ninyo na rin po ang information ninyo.

      Maari ninyong bisitahin ang website nila o tumawag sa Overseas Accounts department nila na naka-base sa Makati (892-0643, 723-7599) or trunkline 812-4731. Hope this helps!

      • Karen

        Thank you po.. may ask pa po ako cunfuse lang october14 po epired employment visa dito dubai tapos need ko po umuwi this month of september pwede po ba maka uwi babalik po ako same amo din po allowed ba ako kumuha ng oec? Short travel for 2 weeks? Please reply

  • Del

    Hi Ms. Zip Anthonio,

    Good Day! Hope all is well!

    Ask lang po sana ako, kung paano po mag apply ng Pag-ibig at SSS. Currently I’m a OFW first time ko po abroad so wla pa po akong Pag-ibig,SSS, TIN # or ETC. kasi hindi pa po ako nakauwi ng pinas. Hopefully by next year pa po. So, Can you advise me kung ano ang best steps na gagawin ko? Thank you so much.. can you also email me in my mail: Thank you po, God Bless You always.

    • Hi Del. Maari po kayong magregister online through Pag-IBIG’s website >

      O katulad po ng nabanggit ko sa #3, maari din po kayong personal na pumunta sa Pag-IBIG Information Desk na nasa Philippine Embassy or Consular Office kung saang bansa kayo nakabased. Kailangan niyo pong magsubmit ng Membership Registration Form (MRF-FPF095) na maari ninyong i-download.

      For SSS naman po, sa pagkakaalam ko kailangan ninyong mag-register personally. Dalhin niyo lang ang inyong requirements (birth certificate – original and photocopy at valid ids) sa SSS branch na pinakamalapit sa inyo then mag-fill out kayo nung SSS E1 form.

      Hope this helps po!

  • Wayne

    Good morning po! Ako po ay dating nagtatrabaho sa public school kaya meron na po ako Pag-ibig MID no, pero po nagresign na ko at nangibang bansa. Nong nagbayad po ako Pag-ibig bago umuwi sa Pilipinas, binigyan po ako ng bago number at iyon na daw po ang gamitin ko. Tanong ko po, ung naihulog ko po dati ay pwede ko po ba malipat sa bago ko number? Or ung luma ko po ay pwede ko p ba gamitin? Ano po ang mas nakakabuti sa dalawa.
    Salamat po ng marami!

    • Hi @disqus_77eXzHv08J:disqus! Sa pagkakaalam ko po sa ganitong case, pagsasamahin ang lahat ng contributions niyo. Dapat po yung bagong Pag-IBIG number na ang gamitin ninyo dahil ito ang updated.

      Maari po kayong bumisita sa pinakamalapit na Pag-IBIG satellite branch para mag-verify or tumawag sa Overseas Accounts department based in Makati (892-0643, 723-7599 or trunkline 812-4731) para makipagugnayan sa representative talaga ng Pag-IBIG. Hope this helps!

  • Dionisio

    Hello Sir @zip antonio, isa po akong POP member at more than 5 yers na ang nahulog ko, pwd ko na sana ma withdraw ang contribution ko kasi 5 yers term lng ng plan ko dati, peru hindi ko ginawa kasi parang savings in the future na rin poh, paanu nga pala iyon pwd bang tuloy2x ang hulog kahit 5 yers lng ang planu ko dati? my second questions is, nabigyan na ako ng HDMF transaction card at pag-ibig MID number last MAY 2014 na pag uwi ko, paanu pala kng mag pa rehistro ulit ako bilang PAG-IBIG I Member maging iba na rin ba ang pag-ibig MID Number ko?….3rd question is, hindi pwd mag housing loan or MPL kng POP member lang or kailangan talaga maging member ng PAG-IBIG I program?…salamat po sa pag sagot…god bless, paki CC na rin ako sa email ng iyong sagot sir, para mabasa ko agad, baka kasi maraming mag comment dito at matabunan yong aking tanong, my email add:

  • Queenie

    Hello Sir Zip Antonio,

    Isa po akong OFW , bago Lang kc akong member ng Pag ibig fund
    Sir may tanong Lang po ako pwede po bang mag loan pero Hindi housing ang gusto ko po Sir ay pwesto for business may ganyan po ba Sir at ilang yrs Minimum Sir bago maka avail ng loan, at Kung titigil na ako sa pag abroad pwede po ba I continue ko nlng yong monthly contribution ko sa pinas .
    Maraming Salamat po Sir .

    • Hi @disqus_ELUFWxtqXL:disqus! Puwede po. Maaari kayong mag-avail ng Multi-purpose loan ng Pag-IBIG as long as eligible kayo. Katulad ng pag-avail ng housing loan, isa sa requirement ay dapat nakapag’hulog na kayo ng 24 months o two years contributions. At opo, maari ninyong ipagpatuloy ang paghuhulog kahit andito na kayo sa Pilipinas. Hope this helps.

  • Queenie

    Hello po Sir Zip Antonio
    Sir about sa pag loan Sir yong Multi purpose Sir magkano
    Po ba ang pwding ma avail ng isang pag I big member Sir
    Kasi gusto ko po sanang mag loan Sir para pang bili ng pwesto
    For business purpose . Isa po akong OFW Kung titigil na ako sa pag abroad sir pwede po ba continue ko nlng yong paghuhulog ko doon sa pinas .
    Maraming Salamat po Sir sa inyong sagot.

  • jonathan

    Gandang araw po.. pano po b malalaman kung may penalties kami sa delayed payment sa pag ibig contrubution ng mga ofw?

    • Good day, @disqus_wOVEbh9jf4:disqus! Wala pong penalty kung delayed sa paghuhulog ng monthly contribution dahil ang perang ihinuhulog niyo ay savings niyo rin naman. Nagkakaroon po ng penalty kung ang hinuhulugan ninyo ng delayed payment ay loan ninyo sa Pag-IBIG. Sana makatulong po ito!

  • Heidi Sattler

    I am setting up a business in the PH. Could you help me with this(PAG-IBIG)? Should all the employees pay this? And also, how can I manually calculate how much I should deduct from my employees for this payment?

    • Hi Heidi Sattler! Yes, all employees are mandated to pay Pag-IBIG contributions under R.A. 9679, which gives Filipinos a provident savings system. This aims to provide Filipinos an opportunity to save money for future use, retirement, or to purchase a home.

      For the computation, I believe 50% is deducted from the employee and the remaining 50% is shouldered by the employer.

      As far as I know the minimum monthly contribution is set at P200. So, you will need to deduct P100 from your employee every month.

      For more information, you can call Pag-IBIG hotline 724-4244 or visit their website. Hope this helps!

  • carter jay raga

    hello po! meron po ako loan sa PAG-IBIG since 2012 pa po hindi k na nahulugan, magkano po ang penalty per month nun at tsaka po saan ako pwede magbayad dito sa UAE? isa po akong OFW.

    Slamat po.

    • Rizza Estoconing Sta Ana

      Hello carter jay raga! Ang alam ko po is ang penalty is 1/10 of 1% of the monthly contribution due per day. Before po muna kayo magbayad, I suggest having your payment dues assessed and signed off by a Pag-IBIG Fund officer dahil some payment centers will not accept payment of penalties.

      I wrote an article about making payments if you are overseas. I believe every Philippine consul or embassy has a satellite Pag-IBIG desk where you can have your payments assessed. Then pwede na po kau magbayad directly and/or through any of these ways:

      To confirm and check if your contributions are updated, you should consider enrolling online to view your payments:

  • rhea monicado

    Good day po..tanong ko lng po what will happen with my short term loan if I want to apply for a withrawal of my 240 months contributions?

    • Hi @rheamonicado:disqus! As far as I know, you have to settle and clear all your loans first before you can withdraw your remittances. Better po makipagugnayan kayo sa Pag-IBIG para maverify kung anong hakbang ang dapat ninyong gawin. Hope this helps!

  • Angela Ocampo

    good am. ask ko lang po may pagibig number na po ako nuon,. nahulugan ko siya 2 years lang yata, tapos ngayun nag registered ako sa online para sana makuha ko tracking number ko pero huli na nung napansin ko na parang new member ako ulit kase nag message ang pagibig sa akin ang sabi gamitin ko muna yung binigay nilang tracking number habang hinihintay ko yung pagibig id number ko.
    ibig poba sabihin nun 2 na pagibig number ko? naguluhan ako.

    • Hi @angelaocampo:disqus! Sa pagkakaalam ko po, pagnagregister kayo online, bibigyan talaga kayo ng panibagong number. Pero icocombine naman yung lahat ng contributions ninyo. Mainam po na makipagcoordinate kayo sa Pag-IBIG para mas malinawan kayo. Puwede kayong tumawag sa Pag-IBIG Hotline 724-4244 or magemail sa kanila. Hope this helps!

  • Lisa

    Magandang hapon po ask ko lng po sir kung pedeng mag loan ng pera sa pag ibig pagagawa ko kc un bhay nmin 2 years pa lng po akong member ng pag ibig residence po ako sa japan

  • Lisa

    Gus2 ko po nag mag loan sa pag ibig for improvement ng bhy nmin ang kaso po d2 ko abroad pede po bng proxy ko isa sa mga kapatid ko? 2 years na po ako sa pag ibig at online register ako

    • Hi @disqus_WUqUkS7s0K:disqus! Sa pagkakaalam ko po, puwede naman ibang tao ang magprocess ng loan mo. Siguraduhin lamang po ninyo na complete ang inyong requirements at bigyan ng Special Power of Attorney ang kapatid ninyo. Iinsist niyo din po na lahat ng transactions ay well-documented including the agreement para lahat po ay in black and white. Hope this helps!

  • ivy

    Hi..tanung po sana ako kung pwede hu ba ang ako ang magpa member sa kaibigan ko sa pag-ibig? Kasi di pa po sya member at nasa ibang bansa kasi sya.

    • Hi @ivy! Puwede naman po na yung kaibigan ninyo ang mag-apply sa Pag-IBIG. May online membership registration po sila kaya mas mapapabilis yung proseso. Ito po yung link kung saan siya magreregister as new member:

      At para po masimulan ang paghuhulog ng contribution, maari ninyo pong ipabasa sa kanya ang article na ito :

      Hope this helps!

      • ivy

        Salamat po…
        Tanung ko rin sana..member na rin po ako ng pag-ibig kaso di ko po naipag patuloy for 3years now.
        Pag binayaran ko ba ay automatic na mag activate ang account ko?
        Maraming salamat po.

        • Sa pagkakaalam ko po, may process din po ang reactivation. Maigi po na makipagugnayan kayo sa Pag-IBIG para malaman kung paano at kung may mga documents kayong kailangang isubmit. Puwede kayong tumawag sa kanilang hotline 724-4244 or magpadala ng email.

          • ivy

            MAraming salamat po…it really helps alot.
            God bless and thank sa tulong sa mga inquiry.

          • You’re welcome! God bless din po.

  • Eleonor Remiscal Rocacurba

    Low po tanung kulang qng paano q malalaman any I’d # q sa pag ibig.. kac Hindi po aq nabigyan….ng agency q po….

  • Eleonor Remiscal Rocacurba

    Tanung qlang kac Hindi binigay sa akin and pag ibig Id # q…..San po as makakaqha ng #….2 yrs aq sa Malaysia…..

    • Hi @eleonorremiscalrocacurba:disqus! I would recommend na makipagugnayan po kayo sa Pag-IBIG para malaman yung number na inissue sa inyo. Mas mabilis po kasi ito at masasagot pa nila ang ibang katanungan ninyo. Maari po kayong tumawag sa kanilang hotline 724-4244 or visit their website para malaman kung saan ang pinakamalapit na Pag-IBIG satellite office sa Malaysia, kung andiyan pa kayo. Sana makatulong po ito!

  • たかはし りゅうか 高橋

    Hi po ask q lng po kng pnoh mg apply ng pag ibig dto sa japan?tnx

  • たかはし りゅうか 高橋

    Hi po ask qlng po kng pnoh mg apply ng pag ibig dto s japan?slmat

  • Deadair Dave member ako ng pag ibig at isa akong ofw…ask ko lng kung pwede bang mag advance payment ako for two years contribution para mgamit ko agad for housing loan sa pagibig…kindly reply, tnx…

    • Hi @deadairdave:disqus! Ang alam ko po dapat contributing member ka muna for at least 12 months o 1 year bago ka puwedeng magbayad ng lump sum. Puwede niyo pong i-visit ang website ng Pag-IBIG o tumawag sa kanilang tanggapan to learn more about their eligibility requirements. Hope this helps!

    • Rizza Estoconing Sta Ana

      Hi Deadair Dave! Eto din po sagot ni Zip Antonio kay Ruby Manulat:

      Sa pagkakaalam ko po, dapat contributing member ka muna for at least 12 months o 1 year bago ka puwedeng magbayad ng lump sum. Puwede niyo pong i-visit yung website ng Pag-IBIG o tumawag sa kanilang tanggapan to learn more about their eligibility requirements. Hope this helps!

      • Deadair Dave

        Tnx sa reply bro zip and sis rizza, now i know…

  • Ruby Manulat

    hello po, kung mgbabayad po ako ng 24 months one time,ilan months po ako mka.avail pra housing loan?tnx

    • Hi @rubymanulat:disqus! Sa pagkakaalam ko po, dapat contributing member ka muna for at least 12 months o 1 year bago ka puwedeng magbayad ng lump sum. Puwede niyo pong i-visit yung website ng Pag-IBIG o tumawag sa kanilang tanggapan to learn more about their eligibility requirements. Hope this helps!

  • mary Jane querubin

    Hi papano po malalaman kung na combined na lahat ng contributions ko from my previous work at contributions ko ngayon as a ofw. Pina combine ko n cya bago pa man ako makaalis nuon kaso di ko na nalaman kung ok n ba pwede ko bang malaman sa online

  • Jonathan sarria

    Hi po hnd aq mkpasok s online service nla khit enter q yung HDMF number q or MID number q ayaw p dn.check q po sna kung mgkano n penalty q since nag salary loan aq nung 2011 till now hnd q p nahulugan eh gusto q sna byaran..thanks.

    • Hi @jonathansarria:disqus! I suggest tumawag na po kayo sa Pag-IBIG to verify your HDMF/MID number, and update if necessary. Puwede din po katyong pumunta sa pinakamalapit na branch office nila para personal na ma-explain yung penalties sa inyo. Hope this helps!

  • Harry Talapiero

    Matagal na member po ako ng pag ibig, ngayon gusto kong magkabahay nagpareserved ako ng bahay sa acquired assets ng pag ibig pinasok ko ng loan, isa akong ofw hindi ako makapagloan kasi kailangan daw ng latest contract, ang problema ko kapag nagsign na ako ng contract siya namang alis ko ng bansa walang mag aasikaso ng mga documents na kakailanganin, wala bang ibang paraan para makakuhabako ng bahay o makapag housing loan.

  • Barbacena Agosto

    Bali po gusto ko maghulog online tanung kolang po magkanu hulog ko monthly at kailan po ako maghuhulog anung araw balak ko kasi mag loan ng bahay ofw po ako.

    • Hi Barbacena Agosto! Katulad po ng nabanggit ko sa #4, ang minimum contribution kung balak mong kumuha ng housing loan in the future ay P200. Depende naman po sa inyo kung kailan ninyo gusto magbayad as long as maghulog kayo ng contribution kada buwan.

      Regarding po sa pagbabayad online, sa pagkakaalam ko po wala pang ganung system ang Pag-IBIG. Pero puwede siya kung may credit card o debit card kayo. You can read more information about how to pay for your contributions in this article >

      Hope this helps po! :)

      • Barbacena Agosto

        Salamat po sa info.

      • Barbacena Agosto

        Maraming salamat po sa info.nakabayad na ako gamit ang credit card .

      • Barbacena Agosto

        isa pa pong tanung sir kong 500 po hulog ko monthly anu pong magandang benifits na makukuha ko.

        • Good to hear nakabayad na po kayo. :) According po sa Pag-IBIG, kapag mas malaki ang ihuhulog ninyong contribution, mas malaki din ang halagang makukuha ninyo kasama din ang tax-free na dibidendo kapag umabot na nang maturity period at iwiwithdraw ninyo na ang pera ninyo.

  • Rizza Estoconing Sta Ana

    Hi james. If that’s the case, Pag-IBIG member ka pa rin. I suggest you check online or with Pag-IBIG Fund yung current balance ng contributions mo kung updated ba sya.

    As for the OFW requirement, eto po yung details galing sa Pag-IBIG Fund mismo:

    • Catherine Ferrer

      Magandang araw po ms. Rizza, itatanong ko lang po pano po pag ang ofw ay hindi na updated ang pag ibig simula nung umalis ng bansa? pwede po bayadan ko nalang yung 24months contribution para makakuha kami ng housing loan? Salamat…

  • Francis Agbada

    To whom it may concern,

    Im an active local Pag-Ibig member since 2004. I went and work abroad starting 2010 and have been a registered OFW Pag-Ibig member until now paying my dues on time. I would like to know the following;

    1. How to consolidate my previous local contributions from my current OFW contributions?
    2. Are my previous (local) contributions still active and intact?
    3. Will I be able to avail a housing loan by combining my local and OFW contributions?

    It will really help a lot if anyone can clarify and explain the proper procedure and processing of pertinent documents. Thank you and Godspeed!

    • Rizza Estoconing Sta Ana

      HiFrancis Agbada! The first step would be checking your updated contributions total. You can go to Pag-IBIG Fund’s online services and check under Member Contributions Verification.

      As with your other questions, you would need the assistance of a Pag-IBIG employee to help you facilitate your housing loan. You can check this directory to know where you can physically visit a satellite Pag-IBIG Fund branch if you are overseas:

  • Jonnalyn Vallarta

    To whom it my concern ask ko lang I’m working abroad and last year nakalimutan ko pong mag hulog nang contribution sa pag ibig naalala ko po mag hulog dec 31 2015 …Jan to Dec ma credit po ba cia nang 2015 usually po kc annually po ako nag hulog but this time nakalimutan ko po talaga I hope macredit po cia can someone answer my question feeling worry lang po thank you

  • Jonathan sarria

    Hi po!Ofw po aq so nag hulog po aq s pagibig account q for this year,1week n po mahigit pg tsini check q ung account q wla p rn yung hinulog q ilan days po b bago ma update ung contribution?thanks po and godbless

  • J_D

    i re structure mo lang yung loan mo with corresponding interest till such time na mahabol mo yung delay mo nang payment.

  • Jonathan Tongol


  • Jo C. Dionido

    To Zipporah antonio,what is the difference between 20 years maturity?of savings to pag-ibig and 60 years of age of members?,,is there any loopholes about these issues?

  • rodelio

    I want to ask if it is really needed to start the payment in january. I forgot to pay my contribution but when I was paying this february, the remitance center told me that I should have paid it on january. Please clarify.

  • Ryan Pajarillo

    Helo po, ofw pag-ibig member po ako pero ang binabayaran ko lang po monthly is php100 kasi yun po ang nirequire ng pag-ibig sa poea nung time na ngbayad ako before umalis.gusto ko po mgavail ng housing loan in the future, ano po ba pwdng gawin pra maiupgrade ko po ung monthly contribution ko?

  • Lala

    Good morning! Just want to ask kung paano pon malalaman ang number ng isang Pag-ibig member.ofw po ako and gusto ko po na ituloy iyung contribution ko.sana po ay masagot ninyo ang akingvmunting katanungan.maraming salamat po.

  • joselito carvajal aquino

    what if you reach the age retirement but not completing the 20 yrs maturity date are you still entitled to claim your savings.

  • Sanchoboy

    Mga kabayan, pakicheck nalang itong official site ng Pagibig Fund: at sumasagot po sila sa email para dun sa mga nakalimutan na o hindi alam ang kanilang MID (Memberhip Identification Number). Sana makatulong.

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