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Real Estate Market to Remain Buoyant in 2013

The Philippine’s property market is at the moment buoyant on the back of strong economic fundamentals and recent credit upgrades.

Mortgage Market Driven by Creditworthy Borrowers

The significant increase in real-estate loans over the past few years was backed by the actual rise in the number of creditworthy individual borrowers.

More Philippine Properties Choose to Go Green

The office take-up of Zuellig Building and Sun Life Tower shows that going “green” is quickly becoming the buzzword in the Philippine real estate sector.

Foreign Buyers Attracted to Luxury Properties

A property developer divulges why foreigners are buying up luxury real estate in the Philippines.

What Is a Rent-to-Own Property?

Here's what you need to know about rent-to-own if you are planning to buy one in the Philippines.

8 Expenses First-Time Homebuyers Overlook

Having the money to pay for a down payment is just one of the expenses you need in order to purchase a home. Once you have done so, you will discover that there are other expenses and that they are not as negligible as you would want them to be. Below are some expenses that […]

Real Estate Terms and Definitions

Before you go ahead and plunge into the world of real estate, take time to familiarize yourself with some of the real estate terms you will encounter.

Owning versus Renting a Home

There are many things to consider before you decide whether to rent or buy a home. Your ultimate decision will depend on how you feel about several issues, such as maintenance, taxes, investments, and personal ideals. While you don’t have to learn about real estate specifics, knowing what you’re getting into will certainly help you […]

Who Are Real Estate Professionals?

When looking for real estate in the Philippines, you have someone working with you who knows how the process works, is familiar with the area, and is trustworthy.

House or Condo?

Both types of properties have their own pros and cons, and choosing one over the other depends on the buyer’s preference.