2014 Promises Sound Asian Real Estate Market – Report

The real estate of key Asian markets is expected to remain strong, according to a report by the Urban Land Institute (ULI) and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

How to Be a Tech-Savvy Broker, and Earn More in the Process

The effort and money a real estate professional spends on technology is helpful. Here are ways on how to maximize technology to your financial advantage.

Working-from-Home Tips for Licensed Brokers

Working from your home? Here are helpful tips in conducting your real estate business without an office.

10 Tips to a Successful Build-and-Sell Real Estate Business

Former NREA president Maria Cristina R. Legaspi shares her tips in making your build-and-sell business more lucrative and competitive.

What Do Rich Homebuyers Want?

Rich homebuyers majority want open--floor plans, fully-automated homes and voice-activated systems, according to a 2013 study.

Are Online Leads Worth Paying for?

Getting tons of workable real estate leads from the Internet is amazing, especially so when you only have to close one of those leads to cover your costs.

6 Reasons Real Estate Brokers Are Still Around in the Internet Age

Online listings allows brokers to get quality leads, and therefore, achieve a more efficient and streamlined selling and buying process.

Commission Delayed? 5 Ways to Deal with Nonpaying Clients

Dealing with clients who delay your commission is difficult, but there are effective ways to make them pay.

PMRB Partners with ZipMatch for Official MLS

Powered by ZipMatch, the Pasay–Makati Realty Board’s (PMRB) MLS is the first aimed to successfully centralize all of the group's property listings.

8 Tips to Dealing with Difficult Clients

Every real estate professional has dealt with a difficult client at least once. In many cases a successful professional relationship between the broker and client was achieved; in some, maybe not. Every licensed broker out there is urged to set aside any initial apprehension about a potentially difficult client. Who knows, that client may turn […]