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7 Reasons You Should List Your Property Online

It’s 2013 and we at ZipMatch still receive inquiries from brokers and home-sellers on why they should list properties online. To some, especially the tech-savvy lot, this may sound a bit strange, but we think the reason this is still being asked is that many sellers and licensed brokers are still reluctant to jump onto […]

5 Steps to Make a Superb Online Listing

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Property Developer Group Opposes Delisting of Mass Housing

CREBA said that the proposal to remove mass housing from the IPP is against the provisions of the national housing program and of the law.

Current State of the Philippine Real Estate Market

Fueled by a robust IT-BPO industry and record-high remittance from overseas Filipinos, the Philippine real estate industry is as vibrant as ever.

Moody’s Dispels Property Bubble

The country's financial regulator said that record-low interest rates have set the stage for a real boom and that they are keeping watch to make sure that these don’t allow real estate speculation.