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8 Ways to Negotiate for a Higher Quality Home at a more Affordable Price

Already have your sights set on your dream home? You might have an ideal one in mind probably because of a home improvement show episode you’ve seen on cable tv or have visited a friend or a family member who has just hosted a house blessing event in their new homes. Thanks to a plethora […]

Top 10 Common Questions Homebuyers ask about Philippine real estate laws

First-time buyer? Check out our answers without the legal terms to top questions about Philippine real estate laws when buying your first home.

21 Websites Where Filipinos can Earn Money Online to Save for their Dream Home

Saving up for your home? Find out where you can earn money online to do it.

ZipMatch’s Downloadable Guide for Real Estate Practitioners

Digital Marketing can help you sell more properties. Read ZipMatch's downloadable guide to make you and your listings stand out.

Real Estate Investment Guide for Filipino Retirees

Retirees buying a property should make a list of the things you need to take into consideration before taking on the plunge. Here's what you need to know.

Buying a Condominium Unit in the Philippines from Abroad

Here are some useful information that can help you better understand how the buying process works if you want to purchase a home from abroad.

What You Need to Know About the Home Mortgage Relief Act

If you take out loans to buy or construct a family home, you can deduct the mortgage interest from your income tax. This is the essence of Senate Bill No. 2148 authored by neophyte senator Sonny Angara. It proposes tax incentives for qualified first-time homebuyers by way of home mortgage interest relief. The Bill, Explained […]

What if Foreigners Are Allowed to Own Real Property in the Philippines?

What will happen to the Philippines' real estate industry if foreigners are allowed to buy a property? Read on to know more.

Next Step: Maximizing Your Mutual Funds

Want to buy a home? Learn how to maximize the returns of your mutual fund investments so you can use it in your purchase.

8 Real Estate Hotspots Outside Metro Manila

Much has been said, written, and trumpeted about Metro Manila’s economy. Being Southeast Asia’s second richest metropolis (after Singapore, who else), its regional gross domestic product (PPP-adjusted) stood at $159 billion in 2011—30 percent of the country’s total GDP—according to PricewaterhouseCoopers. Although the Philippine capital is indeed the country’s economic engine, it still needs fuel […]