Welcome to adulthood – your 30s. Reaching this age means being more responsible – with your finances, actions and decisions. You’ve gained experience and knowledge about life in general that gives you more edge than when you were in your 20s. Yet, you’re still young enough to do more ambitious things like buying your own house.

We list down the reasons why being in your 30s is the right time to finally become a homeowner.

1. You have a more stable career.

By the time you’ve reached your late 20s, you’ll realize that hopping from one job to another means wasting time starting over and over when you can use that period to hone a particular skill and pursue that direction.

2. You’ve learned the value of money.

After splurging on gourmet coffee every morning, dining out with your friends or officemates every time there’s a new restaurant in town, or upgrading your phone model as soon as the latest one is out, you’ll realize that these are unnecessary expenditures that do not build your wealth. You now know that investing in a real estate property such as a condominium will serve as an extra income.


3. You’ve taken control of your finances.

Now that you’ve learned that every peso counts especially as you grow older, you’re now more conscious of where you spend your hard-earned money. Treating yourself becomes a once-in-a-month or a really-special-time-only reward. Thus, you have more savings and you start building your nest egg.

4. You have new priorities.

Many say life begins at 30. Now is the time to finally come in terms with who you want to be and what you want for your future self. It may be moving to a new place or starting your family in a different home. Whatever it is, your priority is settling down and being finally able to be in your own space where you can be free to be you and express yourself.


5. You’ve learned to own your time.

Your life experiences have taught you that time waits for no one. The sooner you start working on your goal, the faster you’ll finish it or get the reward. If you buy a home now, the more likely you’ll pay it off easily and not be burdened with mortgages and loans by the time you retire.

6. You’ve become a good communicator.

Meeting with different people means learning how to effectively communicate with them. You’ll know when to say yes or no, or when to compromise. And as you take on more responsibilities, you become better in expressing what you want to say or do. So when you need to negotiate for the house you want, you’re not afraid to do so.

7. You’ve improved your knowledge about life.

As you get older, you’ll learn things you’ve never knew when you were still young and uncaring. Inflations, insurances, stocks, real estate, etc. are just some of the terms you’ll come across with and care about. More or less, by the time you’re 30 and you really want to become a homeowner, you’ve read hundreds, if not thousands, of articles on tips and guides when buying a property. Now, you’re armed with knowledge and are more than ready to have a place of your own.

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