When I started looking online for a condo or a townhouse for sale, the first responses I received from real estate professionals are via Short Message Service (SMS), or text messages.

Although majority of the Filipinos use social media as a primary means of communication, negotiations and deals are often done via personal messages, or in poor Internet hotspots, via text messaging. But due to the casual nature of text messaging, some professionals forget to be aware of communication etiquette when sending a text message to their clients.

Before you upload your listing online and answer inquiries about your property, you may want to pay attention to these SMS communication mistakes real estate professionals often make and how you can avoid them:

1. Forget to introduce one’s self

whats your name

Clients would want to know who they’re replying to, even if they have managed to get your complete contact information from your online listing. It also helps to reiterate your affiliated developer or brokerage firm as well, and then you can ask their name.

2. Assuming your client understands your day.

understand your day

This text made me feel like I am at the bottom of this broker’s to-do list. And clients wouldn’t want to feel that, regardless of whether they need to buy a property ASAP or in the next two years. It looks sincere and honest initially, but may come off differently if your client has been waiting for a response all day.

3. …Or your internal issues.

internal issues

If you are not prepared with the correct answer, the safest way is to acknowledge the client’s question and provide a timeframe when you’d get back with him or her for the answer. Moreover, internal issues like the one above tend to confuse the client even more, and could be a hint for him or her to get disinterested fast.

4. Using abbreviations, acronyms and other text slang

Not everyone can understand whether the word “n” means “na,” “no,” or is just a simple typing error. Or simply because you’re more sanay using jejespeak. Make sure that you type the words correctly, whether they are in English or Tagalog.

5. Not proofreading responses

It doesn’t hurt to check your text for misspellings, incorrect word usage, or improper language. The messages you sent also reflect your professionalism.

Hack: Identify which questions always come up in your inquiries. You can edit and save them as quick responses or text message on your mobile phone.

edit quick text

6. Not being considerate when saying bad news

bad news

If the property you have advertised has already been bought or reserved, be proactive in offering an alternative. After informing the client that the unit they are eyeing is no longer available, say that you’ll look around for them instead. If there’s one thing clients remember, it’s great customer service.

At this point, it also makes sense to update that listing as well.

7. Not doing a proper follow-up

follow up text

A great sales follow up formula is equals to asking a question that will compel the client to say yes, and sweeten that by offering information that is not on the website. You can ask the client if they are familiar with the highlights or location of the project. You then offer to email or call the client to explain the value of buying the property.

Most clients ask for the sample payment scheme early on. You can get the customer excited if you send them information on why living in the neighborhood is good for them. Put your best foot forward by sending them virtual 360 views and user reviews about the said property.

8. Spam texting

spam texting

You’re more likely to not get a response if you send the exact same message all over at different time intervals. Too many text messages can easily turn a client off. If you do need to ensure that your client has received your first text message, you can do a follow-up via a phone call or/and then an email.

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  • Thank you for the tips, been reading a lot since I passed last May because I really have no background on real estate sales.

    • Congratulations, @rdvelasco:disqus! Hope these will help you. In my humble opinion, proper communication is one of the first step for a real estate pro to reach out to their clients. Best of luck! :)