In a previous article, we discussed the best property developers in the Philippines. While a number of factors were included in the discussion, five criteria stood out for determining who were included in our list of excellent real estate developers: neighborhood, affordability, investment, amenity, and presence. Now we give you the full list of twenty of the best condominium developers that made it to our list, and for each category, let’s find out which condominium developers in the Philippines did the best.

1. Top Neighborhood

Our neighborhood score takes into consideration the presence of such amenities as restaurants, banks, shops, schools, hospitals, and recreational facilities. Different kinds of establishments are given different weights, and the distance from the developers’ projects to these establishments is also factored into the score. Neighborhood scores are relative; for instance, a project with a score of 9 is located in a better neighborhood than one with a score of 7.

Best Developers: Top Neighborhood Category
1 St. Francis Square Group of Companies 9.52
2 G & W Architects 9.47
3 Antel Group of Companies 8.13
4 Century Properties 8.02
5 Vista Residences 7.88

*Data is based on all condo rental listings received on ZipMatch from Jan’16 to Mar’17

The Winner:

St. Francis Square Group of Companies (9.52) is our runaway winner in this category.

Though most people would automatically associate the St. Francis Square Group of Companies to Ortigas Center, most of this developer’s projects are actually located in two prime Makati locations: Legazpi Village and Salcedo Village. By strategically concentrating their projects in these areas within Makati’s Central Business District, the developer wins in providing an ultraconvenient lifestyle to its residents.

Honorable Mention:

G & W Architects follows with a score of 9.47. Majority of this developer’s projects are located in the up-and-coming business district of Bonifacio Global City, which is home to St. Luke’s Medical Center, one of the best medical facilities in the Philippines. International schools such as British School Manila, International School Manila, and Manila Japanese School.

The Antel Group of Companies (8.13) has condo and apartment developments within and outside Metro Manila, including A.Venue Suites, which can be found in the middle of Poblacion–Makati’s busiest nightlife neighborhood.

Century Properties (8.02) is best known for Century City, the newest mixed use development in Makati. Its most popular projects include the Trump Tower, Knightsbridge and Gramercy Residences.

Vista Residences (7.88) has numerous projects all over Metro Manila, including Taft Avenue and Katipunan Avenues, both noted for their educational institutions.

2. Most Affordable

Among many homebuyers and renters, budget is the top criterion in choosing a home. ZipMatch’s Affordability Score keeps track of property prices between projects, districts, and cities across the Philippines, and incorporates metrics such as price per square meter and actual property prices. A higher Affordability Score means that a developer offers more affordable housing.

1 PHINMA Properties 9.23
2 DMCI 8.79
3 Empire East 8.78
4 New San Jose Builders Inc. 8.58
5 Cityland Development Corporation 8.44

*Data is based on all condo rental listings received on ZipMatch from Jan’16 to Mar’17

The Winner:

PHINMA Properties tops our Affordability rankings with an exceptional score of 9.23. The locations of their projects, such as Sucat, Alabang, and Commonwealth Avenue, allow them to offer spacious condo units at a lower price point. A 30sqm unit in Solano Hills, Parañaque, for example, is being sold for as low as P1.4M. While their condominium projects are located some distance away from main business districts, most benefit from the presence of main thoroughfares such as SLEX, España, and Commonwealth Avenue.

Honorable Mention:

DMCI (8.79), Empire East (8.78), New San Jose Builders Inc. (8.58), and Cityland Development Corporation (8.44) also follow the same strategy of offering affordable condo units that are conveniently close to roads leading to major commercial centers, such as Hulo in Mandaluyong, Shaw Boulevard, and Cainta, Rizal, allowing them to price their projects to meet the C and B market price points.

3. Top Investment

Another factor to be considered in choosing a condo is the property investment; that is, the return over time. A good investment property either appreciates quickly or commands a higher rental income or both. ZipMatch’s Investment Score is based on over 100,000 property listings, from which our Data Science team estimated rental yields and price appreciation over time. Affordability also plays a part in determining investment value, particularly if the rental value or reselling price does not vary significantly across condos located in the same area.

1 PHINMA Properties 9.04
2 Antel Group of Companies 8.53
3 Avida 8.10
4 Vista Residences 7.67
5 SMDC 7.50

*Data is based on all condo rental listings received on ZipMatch from Jan’16 to Mar’17

The Winner:

Once again, PHINMA Properties is the runaway winner in this category with a 9.04 score. There are two major factors that made this developer the best investment among all the developers mentioned on our list: affordability and location. An affordable property doesn’t automatically equate to a good investment but when properties are sold at an affordable price, in a potentially good location, this is when one can expect a good return on investment. With the anticipated completion of Metro Manila’s major roads and transportation systems that seamlessly connect Metro Manila’s North to South, properties at the bounds of Metro Manila are already becoming more valuable investments. This makes PHINMA Properties’ condominium projects within Sucat, Muntinlupa, and Commonwealth more attractive to property investors.

Honorable Mention:

Antel Group of Companies (8.53), Avida (8.10), Vista Residences (7.67), and SMDC (7.5) are also good investment condos due to their locations, which are set to become much in demand in the near future. The Antel Group of Companies, in particular, has developments in Makati and Cavite; the latter is now becoming part of a larger suburban area that is home to numerous subdivision-type developments and industrial/commercial parks.

4. Top Amenities

ZipMatch calculated the Amenity Score for developers by taking into consideration the different amenities available in their projects. These include 24-hour security, swimming pools, gym facilities, and even helipads. Each of these facilities hold different weights on the overall Amenity Score of a property, and are based on the amenities that are listed by the developer.

1 DMCI 8.22
2 Antel Group of Companies 8.08
3 Alveo 8.07
4 Federal Land Inc. 8.07
5 SMDC 7.94

*Data is based on all condo rental listings received on ZipMatch from Jan’16 to Mar’17

The Winner:

The top developer, DMCI, is a pioneer in incorporating in-building open spaces that let in fresh air and resort-type amenities. Earning a top score of 8.22, this developer’s trademark leisure residences usually come with swimming pools, gyms, playgrounds, game rooms, sky gardens and lounges.

Honorable Mention:

It may be noted that the top 5 in terms of Amenity Score are separated by less than 0.3 points, which means that our four runner ups are closely on par with the standard DMCI has set. Antel Group of Companies (8.08), Alveo (8.07), Federal Land Inc. (8.07), and SMDC (7.94) all offer something more apart from the fundamental amenities such as pools, playgrounds, and gyms.

5. Top Presence

A developer’s presence in the country in terms of market penetration is calculated by looking at its upcoming and completed projects. These factors indicate longevity, aggressiveness, market coverage, and pursuit of new markets.

1 Megaworld 27 52 79
2 DMCI 21 41 62
3 Avida 30 17 47
4 Filinvest Development Corporation 11 29 40
5 Ayala Land Premier 12 24 36

*Data is based on all condo rental listings received on ZipMatch from Jan’16 to Mar’17

The Winner:

Megaworld is by far the largest developer in terms of presence (79), with condominium buildings spread around the Philippines. The largest of its projects, Eastwood City, includes at least 14 condominium buildings that has captured the BPO and retiree market. The developer continues to aggressively build new and exciting townships such as McKinley West, Uptown Bonifacio, and Alabang West.

Honorable Mention:

DMCI, which has been in the market for a couple of decades now is fast expanding to markets outside Metro Manila. The same trend is seen in Metro Manila’s popular developers like Avida, Filinvest, and Ayala Land Premier.

Overall Scores of the Best Condominium Developers in the Philippines

(Updated: July 2017) Below are the overall scores of the top 20 condominium developers in the Philippines. These scores could be very useful for those who are looking for a condo investment or rental.

Best Condominium Developers in the Philippines
1 Avida 7.63 6.22 8.35 8.1 47 8.22
2 DMCI 8.22 5.79 8.79 7.32 62 8.21
3 Megaworld 7.77 7.36 7.35 6.69 79 8.08
4 SMDC 7.94 6.49 8.06 7.5 33 8.02
5 Robinsons Land 7.67 6.74 8.01 7.29 31 7.94
6 Cityland
6.68 7.68 8.44 7.49 25 7.93
7 Filinvest
7.47 5.95 8.05 7.3 40 7.92
8 Federal Land 8.07 7.22 7.56 7.16 27 7.01
9 Alveo 8.07 7.06 7.35 6.29 35 7.84
10 Century
7.47 8.02 7.42 6.92 19 7.8
11 New San Jose
Builders Inc.
7.17 6.7 8.58 7.35 19 7.79
7.38 5.55 9.23 9.04 11 7.67
13 Antel Group 8.08 8.13 8.05 8.53 6 7.66
14 Empire East 7.5 6.3 8.78 7.26 16 7.57
15 Ayala Land
7.55 7.82 5.9 5.66 36 7.54
16 St. Francis Square Group of Companies 6.25 9.52 7.71 7.31 10 7.54
17 Vista Residences 7.65 7.88 7.28 7.67 10 7.49
18 Filinvest Land
7.27 5.44 8.39 7.37 18 7.44
19 G & W Architects 7.67 9.47 7.12 6.99 6 7.4
20 Vista Land 7.05 5.98 7.98 6.92 18 7.35

*Disclaimer: Note that these rankings change periodically. The top developer rankings mentioned in this article are results from data gathered in the second quarter of 2017. See realtime rankings at

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