Owning your “forever home” is a smart investment for any people. According to our data, 7 out of 10 home buyers plan to stay for more than 10 years in their new home. Not only will they maximize the expense they paid for the property, but this will also allow them to leave a “pamana to their children.

Living in a townhouse offers you just the right space and environment to do just that. This type of property in the Philippines has the characteristics to serve you at all stages of your life. Check out the different ways how living in a townhouse support different lifestyles.

Bonus: Since most townhouses, like those developed by Trans-Phil Land Corporation, include an average of three bedrooms, you may have extra spaces to fill, depending on which stage you are in life. We also added suggestions on how you can make those rooms work for you.

1. Yuppie

syquia townhomes
This townhouse in Sta. Ana, Manila offers just the right space for independent urbanites.

As a single, young professional working in Makati, Mandaluyong, or any key business districts in Metro Manila, you can enjoy your personal space in a townhouse where you have the freedom to be you without having to think about strict and limiting house rules.

Transform your extra room:

You can have it rented out so you can earn extra income. Or you can turn those rooms into a place where you can teach mini classes, etc. where you can also earn. The best thing about having those two extra spaces means having more room to change into whatever you like. You can turn it into a contemplation room, a library, a room for your collectibles, music room, and game room to name some.

2. Newlywed couple

Privacy is essential for couples who just got married. Residing in a townhouse affords them that since the community is smaller than when living in a condo. They also get to enjoy amenities available without thinking of maintenance.

Transform your extra room:

You can create a space for each of your hobbies or turn it into a home office that you and your partner can share. You can also renovate another room into his/hers entertainment room, where you can invite your friends and colleagues for movie or game night.

3. Starter family

Starting a family means having to budget your expenses including accommodation. You have to be smart about choosing a home that fits your need for just the right space at a good value.

Transform your extra room:

Since you’ll be expecting a wee one during this stage in your life, it’s time to decorate that extra space and turn it into a nursery. Use clean-lined furniture and add only the substantial pieces like the crib, changing table, dresser, and a chair to maximize the space, especially if it’s a small room.

4. Growing family

With more than 100sqm floor plans, Trans-Phil’s properties are perfect even for large-unit families.

A growing family’s main concern when looking for a home is finding one that provides them more space, but without stretching their budget too much since parents have to allot school expenses and the like. This is why a townhouse appeals to such homebuyers. Indeed, there are many affordable townhouses in Metro Manila that will fit your budget.

Transform your extra room:

Not really applicable if you have two or more children since they would most likely be occupying those rooms, but hey, you can create each of your child’s dream room.

5. Retiree

After all your children have entered a new life stage and moved out, living as retirees in a townhouse in the metropolitan area is still a good option. It provides you more room to move around and more privacy. If you have mobility issues, you can modify your home and add a wheelchair ramp, if necessary. Moreover, this allows you to be near the city’s modern facilities like hospitals and malls.

Transform your extra room:

Turn it into a room where your favorite apo or your balikbayan relative can stay during holidays.

Planning to invest in this type of home? Explore townhouse for sale in here.

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