Living alone for the first time is awesome but definitely nerve-wracking. You’re stepping out of your comfort zone and venturing into that strange new world called “Independence.”

Don’t second-guess your decision. Living alone is a great way to develop the skills and build the character you need to win at life. Here are seven key things living alone for the first time can teach you.

1. It will hone your financial smarts.

Develop a disciplined way of saving up so you can buy your dream home.

Rent. Utility bills. Groceries. Unlike in your family home where your parents will shoulder the expenses, you now have to flex those budgeting muscles and make sure these are settled in full and on time – or else face the inconvenience of being disconnected (or even evicted. Yikes!).

Living alone will also teach you how to prioritize: should you splurge on a weekend travel or set that money aside for this month’s mortgage payment?

2. You’ll learn that you’re totally capable of having fun solo.

Living alone will make you realize that it’s okay to be alone on a Friday night, or even for the entire weekend. There are a lot of other things you can do like read a book or just lounge on the couch and binge on Netflix shows, wearing your oldest, comfiest pambahay. No judgment!

3. It’s an opportunity to develop your own style.

The Vantage Living Room
When you live alone, you can decorate your condo just the way you like it.

Tired of parents, siblings, or roommates constantly voicing their opinions on what you should wear or how your bedroom should look like? Living alone will give you the chance to experiment with different looks, and all that matters now is that it looks good to you.

Since you’re in-charge of your home’s overall look, you can style it according to your taste and style. Turn a lazy Sunday into a productive one and work on a DIY design for your bedroom or living room to achieve a home that reflects your personality.

4. You’ll appreciate the value of space and privacy more.

You now have the bathroom to yourself, and you don’t have to stress if the toilet seat’s up or down, woohoo!

It’s also now perfectly fine to dance in your underwear, sing in the shower, eat leftovers from two nights ago or cry in the middle of the night without anyone asking you if there’s something wrong or if you’re going cray.

5. It will unleash your domestic superpowers.

Living alone will transform you into lean, mean, cleaning-cooking machine.

Washing the dishes, doing the laundry, taking out the trash, ironing, vacuuming, frying a sunny-side up egg without breaking the yolk, and preparing rice just like mom’s are skills that will come in handy one day, whether you’re starting a family of your own or moving out of the country, where having household help is considered a luxury.

6. It will teach you discipline and accountability.


Now that you live alone, you’re now responsible of your home’s safety and maintenance.

You’re now more conscious of what used to be minor details such as making sure all the LPG tank is closed, all the appliances are switched off, and all the doors are locked before you leave for the day. You’ll also have to regularly check if there are things that need to be repaired or replaced.

7. You’ll learn to love yourself more.

Sometimes, saying “No” to an invitation to go out because you want to have some “Me-Time” at your place is a beautiful thing. Whether it’s just to get a few more hours of sleep or to swim in the pool, do what you feel is right and what’s best for you – you totally deserve it.

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