Makati is home to several global firms, a thriving business sector, as well as the Philippine Stock Exchange, but it is also a center for artists and creative people.

Freshly painted murals welcome the crowds of people – students, employees, and even executives – that pass through the city’s long underpasses at all hours of the day. Furthermore, Art Fair Philippines, which takes place at The Link Carpark every year, brings together art exhibitions from all over the capital and from across the world for one of the country’s largest visual art events. Many theaters and auditoriums, as well as a plethora of museums and galleries, as well as artist-run creative labs, can be found across Makati, providing locations for artists and art fans to gather together and let their skills thrive.

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Tin-Aw Art Gallery is located in Urdaneta, Makati, and hosts exhibitions of modern works by Filipino and Asian artists. Tin-Aw Art Gallery was founded in 2008 by Dawn Atienza, the younger sister of award-winning Filipino artist Mark Justiniani, and Marya Salang, their cousin.

The gallery, which is noted for its often startling and controversial exhibitions, was formed with the goal of providing an accessible location for art to be viewed leisurely and in an unthreatening environment. The gallery’s mission is to provide provocative, surprising, and engaging works of art to the public. The exhibitions they organize during their mash year aren’t just for the sake of being pretty. The pieces are supposed to be challenged, interrogated, and discussed.

Tin-Aw Art Gallery not only hosts a variety of individual and group exhibitions, but it also hosts seminars and talks that encourage and educate the artist in everyone. You can buy a condo for sale in Urdaneta Village if you don’t want to travel to the gallery. Urdaneta residents don’t have to travel far to satisfy their artistic desires.

The Somerset Olympia Building, Makati Avenue, Urdaneta, Makati City, houses the Tin-Aw Art Gallery on the upper ground floor.

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