Nowadays, job opportunities for Filipinos who want to work abroad are aplenty, especially for professions in the field of medicine, education, entertainment, design, and IT. For Filipinos, who place so much value on family ties, neighbouring countries like Malaysia make it easier to seek opportunities and relocate. A big deciding factor might be the ease and affordability of going to and from the Philippines.

If you are planning to make the big move to Malaysia but have no idea of which city to stay, we’ve asked the expert opinion of a Filipina who has been working there for years and was able to start a family. She recommends two key cities based on the following factors: price, convenience, unit sizes and neighborhood.


Located within Kuala Lumpur, where numerous international companies are located, KL City Center is an ideal place for professionals. Known for being home to the Petronas Twin Towers, the district is booming with high-rise buildings, hotels, shopping malls and top-notch medical facilities. Prince Court Medical Centre, which is acclaimed to have the best healthcare with excellent service for foreigners, can also be found here.

Convenience and accessibility are one of this district’s best traits. Transportation options are abundant in the area, such as the LRT, buses, and taxis. Filipinos visiting or living here will enjoy the nearby tourist destinations.

Conclusion: Convenience is a luxury and living here might be pricey for some. The most convenient living space in KLCC is the Binjai on the Park. If you’re always on the move and can afford to spend a little more, this might be the best place for you to stay.


Sentul is an underrated location right at the borders of Kuala Lumpur. The district continues to be developed with a number of high-rise residential condominiums at more affordable rental prices and larger unit sizes compared to the ones found at the central part of the city.

In terms of convenience, there are lots of banks, hospitals, educational institutions, and supermarkets in the district to choose from. There’s less traffic congestion in this part of the city, a big advantage to those looking for a laid-back community. Transportation options such as the LRT, bus networks, and taxis allow ease of access for those working in the city centre.

Here are interesting properties in Sentul:

Conclusion: If you plan to work abroad and want a larger space to live with your partner or family, Sentul might be the place for you. The only trade-off is the additional time it would take to get to the city’s centre, but cost of living and rental prices make this place ideal if you’re under a limited budget.

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