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Buying Your First Home

Home ownership is the universal dream of anyone seeking the security and status that goes with the attainment of their own personal space that they can call their own. When it comes time for you to make that monumental leap to home ownership, you should consider the relative merits of buying a condo vs house and lot.

As a first time buyer of real estate in the Philippines, you know it’s an exciting time to be in the market. Whether you choose to purchase a condo, or have decided instead on a house and lot, will be largely dependent on your personal tastes. That said, a compelling argument can be made for both options of homeownership.

As with any real estate deal, you need to do your homework and be realistic about what your needs and requirements are regarding your new dwelling. Identify those qualities that would prove ideal components of your new home versus which factors you would be willing to negotiate if other conditions were present.

Again, regardless of what you choose, your next step should be to enlist the services of a qualified and credible broker to organize the sale. As a first time buyer of real estate in the Philippines, you should rely on the organizational skills and specialized knowledge of a professional real estate agent who understands the market, and the legal intricacies of completing a sale. Towards that end, remember to get a certified true copy of the Transfer Certificate of Title. Obtained from the Register of Deeds, this document will be an assurance of authenticity of true ownership of the piece of property.

Condos are an attractive option for the first time buyer for a number of reasons. From an easier buy-in cost due to the wider availability of units, particularly in urban areas, to the lucrative opportunities available in the rental or resale markets, condos make an excellent investment option. A leading segment of the buying population is comprised of foreign investors who are legally barred from owning property in the Philippines. As such, they form a sizable pool of interested buyers for any condo you might be looking to sell down the line. Additionally, the ability to rent your newly purchased condo presents lucrative income possibilities for the savvy first time buyer.

The factors that make buying a home, with an attached lot, so attractive are found in the disadvantages of condo living. Loud neighbors, lack of privacy, high maintenance costs, and condo fees can al contribute to a negative experience when living in a condo vs house with lot.

In conclusion, the time for investing in real estate in the Philippines couldn’t be better. Remembering the basics will ease you through this stressful time. Towards that end, get a firm idea of what you want, and be willing to compromise, or walk away until you find the perfect deal for your new home. You are only a first time buyer once so enjoy the process, and understand the keen responsibilities of home ownership.

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