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Buying Your First Home

Real Estate Buying Process

Real Estate buying process is easiest when a mortgage developer is involved this is true around the world. The search for titles and other necessary protections have already been resolved before these lenders invest money into a home loan. Land development is not as easy for a foreign investor but there are many investment possibilities that are good for any foreign person, but caution must be taken.

Real estate buying process is riddled with taxes that may cost the buyer up to 12% this may vary with the purchase. Purchases are very restrictive toward foreign investments. If a person is married to a Philippine person they may buy a property but it must be registered in the name of the resident. If the spouse dies or divorces the property does not go to the foreign spouse. Other than restricting the buying level of people not born in the Philippines the purchasing is the same as it might be in other parts of the world. The down payment amount is a bit more around 30% but this varies.

First time buyer purchases should be made with the help of a real estate company, it is very easy to get into financial difficulty when the territory is new. A certified agent can give details on requirements financially and credit worthy status. A developer will have the title to land. It is very possible in the Philippines to find property owned by more than one owner and this can take ages to resolve. A reputable developer will investigate this in order to protect his or her investment; therefore protecting yours.

Real estate in the Philippines is kept within the country. If you are a foreign investor you can buy homes but the land is only leased. The same applies to condo purchases if there is a purchase it can only be done in a high rise and only 40% of the purchase can be owned by a foreign entity. People are coming to the Philippines for the new real estate advantages and residents are taking advantage of the opportunities as well. People from other places like the properties close in to the major areas. Land outside of these municipalities should be approached with caution.

Land and a home is a wonderful thing to own. This is true in the Philippines for many. Living in the mountains or on the coastline is wonderful in terms of environment. The buying skills necessary to purchase a home are in the people a buyer chooses to help them. Researching a property on your own can take a lot of money and you still may not do it correctly. Since only the courts are allowed to give land, you may find yourself in a real difficult situation without proper assistance. Through it all when buying a home in the Philippines it is best to stick with people familiar with the rules and regulations of the country. Each municipality has a different registration and may have varied rules.

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