Taguig City

The historically-rich Taguig City is known among the most progressive cities to live in the Philippines. A former fishing community and headquarters of US military forces during the American colonization, Taguig City has grown to become a favored address for yuppies, starter families, retirees, expats, and even corporations looking to make Philippines its next home.

This central business district is bordered by the cities of Makati and Paranaque. Taguig is accessible from three major thoroughfares: C-5, SLEX and EDSA. Safe like a fortress, culturally vibrant and educationally-inclined with its facilities, Taguig City attracts a diverse range of demographic from children to the kids at heart.

These are the best Condominiums For Sale in Taguig City. The top 3 Condominiums are The Venice Luxury Residences, Two Serendra, Cedar Crest.

  • The Venice Luxury Residences is ranked #1 based on a Amenity Score of 9.3.
  • Two Serendra is ranked #2 based on a Amenity Score of 9.1.
  • Cedar Crest is ranked #3 based on a Amenity Score of 9.1.

Key Numbers and Trends for Taguig City

7.4 /10


4.4 /10


5.7 /10


8.7 /10


8.5 /10


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