Cebu City

Following the urban growth of Metro Manila along the years, Cebu City has forged itself to become an independent alternative to a fast-paced urban lifestyle. Although it credits its economic growth to the high influx of tourists--Cebu City receives annually for its nearby tourist attractions, it is also because due to the number of BPO call centers in the city. The seaport in the city makes it a major shipping hub. As the number of condominium projects and hypermarkets are being developed in the locality, the real estate industry is the fastest growing sector in Cebu as well.

These are the best Condominiums For Sale in Cebu City. The top 3 Condominiums are Lot 8 Condominium, Myvan Cityscape, La Guardia Flats II.

  • Lot 8 Condominium is ranked #1 based on a Affordability Score of 9.2, with an average size of 25sqm which is 40.48% lower as compared to Cebu City.
  • Myvan Cityscape is ranked #2 based on a Affordability Score of 9.2.
  • La Guardia Flats II is ranked #3 based on a Affordability Score of 9.1.

Key Numbers and Trends for Cebu City

7.7 /10


7.0 /10


8.2 /10


6.7 /10


7.2 /10


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