San Juan City

Located at the heart of Metro Manila, the city of San Juan acts in juxtaposition with its urban development when compared to the neighboring business districts of Quezon City, Mandaluyong, Makati, Manila and Pasig. Particularly known for the flea markets and bargained goods at Greenhills Shopping Center, it is also known to Club Filipino, the venue of Corazon Aquino’s Presidential Inauguration during the People Power Revolution in 1986, entertainment complexes Music Museum and Promenade Mall, several private schools Xavier School, Aquinas School, and Philippine Chen Kuang High School, among others.

These are the best Condominiums For Sale in San Juan City. The top 3 Condominiums are Aurora Residences, Tiffany Mansion, Little Baguio Terraces.

  • Aurora Residences is ranked #1 based on a Affordability Score of 9.3.
  • Tiffany Mansion is ranked #2 based on a Affordability Score of 9.1, with an average size of 49sqm which is 2.08% higher as compared to San Juan City.
  • Little Baguio Terraces is ranked #3 based on a Affordability Score of 9.

Key Numbers and Trends for San Juan City

6.8 /10


7.1 /10


6.1 /10


6.0 /10


5.9 /10


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