Located along the historic EDSA (Epifanio de los Santos Avenue), Cubao is a predominantly commercial district with pockets of residential areas. Cubao is most commonly associated with the Araneta Center, a mixed-used development featuring hotels, malls, and recreational facilities. The Smart Araneta Coliseum, with a capacity of almost 20,000 people, is the venue of choice for concerts and sporting events. Araneta Center is also the site of Manhattan Garden City, an upper-class condominium complex.

Due to its central location, Cubao also serves as Metro Manila’s transport hub. The district’s Gateway Mall is known for its direct access to the LRT and MRT train lines. Bus lines plying northern and southern routes operate out of terminals located along EDSA and inside Araneta Center.

These are the best Condominiums For Sale in Cubao. The top 3 Condominiums are Manhattan Parkway Residences, Portovita Towers, Escalades at 20th Avenue.

  • Manhattan Parkway Residences is ranked #1 based on a Zipscore of 8.1, with an average size of 54sqm which is 23.94% lower as compared to Cubao.
  • Portovita Towers is ranked #2 based on a Zipscore of 8, with an average size of 45sqm which is 36.62% lower as compared to Cubao.
  • Escalades at 20th Avenue is ranked #3 based on a Zipscore of 7.8, with an average size of 50sqm which is 29.58% lower as compared to Cubao.

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7.9 /10


9.0 /10


7.6 /10


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6.7 /10


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