New Manila

The district of New Manila was one of the first suburbs built after the Second World War. Located at the crossroads of Quezon City, San Juan, and the city of Manila, it is accessible from Manila and eastern Metro Manila via Aurora Boulevard, and is serviced by the LRT-2. New Manila in its heyday was known as the address of choice for Manila’s richest and oldest families, many of whom still maintain residences there. Presently, there is a construction boom that has resulted in the rise of upscale condominiums such as the Sky Villas at One Balete, 53 Benitez, and The Mango Tree Residences. True to its character, it is also home to several institutions that cater to the elite, such as St. Luke’s Medical Center and St. Paul University of Quezon City.

Key attractions in the area include the Robinsons Magnolia Mall and two large Catholic churches: the Shrine of Our Lady of Mount Carmel and the Immaculate Conception Cathedral. Film buffs will enjoy visiting the Movie Welfare Fund and its archive of old Filipino movies.

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