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Apartment for Rent in San Juan City: 24 units found

San Juan City: In the Midst of Everything

To its residents, the appeal of San Juan City resides in its accessibility to just about everything. One can step out of his/her condo unit, take a walk to the mall, get a designer bag, grab a cup of coffee, then come back home all within an hour. Commuters also appreciate how easy it is to get to different points of Metro Manila – Ortigas Center is less than ten minutes away, while the cities of Mandaluyong and Makati are fifteen to thirty minutes away by car. If you're looking for convenience and amenities combined, the city of San Juan might just be your next address.

City on a Hill

Occupying one of the highest points in Metro Manila, hence the name "San Juan del Monte", San Juan City formerly included parts of present-day Quezon City and portions of modern Mandaluyong. Due to its elevation and wholesome air and weather, it was a favorite holiday destination for Manila's elite, who built houses on San Juan's rolling hills. Religious orders also built old churches to serve as their residences as well as to evangelize the natives.

The old churches still stand today, and many of the families who built homes in San Juan still maintain a presence there. This explains the presence of exclusive schools such as Immaculate Conception Academy and Xavier School, which primarily cater to the Filipino-Chinese community, as well as La Salle Green Hills very close to San Juan's premier business district.

While San Juan City is known for its gated communities, it has also expanded rapidly through the past decade. Much of this expansion has been vertical due to the high demand for housing, especially among those starting families and those who are attracted by the work opportunities that surround the area.

Renting a Condo in San Juan City

If you are looking for a condo to rent in the middle of everything, San Juan City is your best choice. Condo units at Tiffany Mansion, Greenhills Heights, Annapolis Wilshire Plaza, Little Baguio Terraces, and Baron 3 Gardens can go from P13,000 to P70,000 a month. Most condominiums have 24/7 security, swimming pools, and recreational facilities; many of them are also close to the Greenhills shopping center and public transportation.


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