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Cebu City – A City for All Seasons

With amazing cultural diversity and impressive economic growth, Cebu City is the undisputed center of trade and culture in the Visayas. It is a transportation hub with a bustling seaport and international airports, and modern businesses have built sites in the city's many business and IT parks. Cebu City has transformed itself into a city which is always ready to take on the future.

Cebu City – Where History Meets Progress

What is now known as Cebu City was formerly the capital of an ancient Hindu-Philippine kingdom. Sensing the importance of the city to Spain's ambitions of empire, the soldier and sailor Miguel Lopez de Legazpi fortified Cebu and used it as a base of operations from which he launched attacks on other islands in the archipelago. After moving his capital to Manila, Legazpi transformed Cebu into a busy port through which trade between Asia and the Americas passed. This made Cebu a melting-pot of different ideas, nationalities, and languages.

Through the years, this ability to adapt has earned for many Cebuanos their places in Philippine history. Some of the Second Philippine Republic's leaders, such as Vicente Sotto and Sergio Osmeña, were born and educated in Cebu City. Many of the country's richest people, including John Gokongwei and the Gotianun and Aboitiz families, have roots in Cebu City, making it a cradle of business tycoons.

Cebuanos are immensely proud of their city, which has gone through many challenges to become what it is right now. With the development of the Cebu IT Park, Cebu Business Park, and South Road Properties, Cebu City is now poised to take on the future.

Renting a Townhouse in Cebu City

Many of them chose to move to Cebu because of the availability of jobs and educational facilities nearby. To cater to this additional demand for residences, townhouses are available for rent throughout Cebu City. Monthly rent for townhouses ranges from P11,500 to P80,000 depending on size, location and amenities.


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