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San Juan City: A Suburban Refuge in the Middle of the City

Despite being classified as a highly-urbanized city, San Juan City actually started out as a suburb of Manila. Because of its elevation and climate, it was one of the Manila elite's favorite vacation spots. While it is now one of the country's leading shopping destinations, San Juan still retains much of its suburban appeal, which can be seen in the presence of exclusive villages around the city.

A Place for Growth and Learning

After the Second World War, real estate developers lost no time in capitalizing on the newly-independent country's economic boom. Subdivisions such as Greenhills and Little Baguio, for example, offered a cool respite from Manila's humid weather. San Juan City was soon dotted by gated communities with large plots of land. As the economy expanded, more residents were drawn to San Juan City's Greenhills shopping center and its proximity to major business districts, such as Makati City and Cubao.

Sensing an opportunity to serve the growing affluent population, religious orders built schools in the area. La Salle Greenhills, close to Mandaluyong's border with San Juan City, was built for the affluent Filipino families who chose to settle in nearby villages, while Xavier School and Immaculate Conception Academy served boys and girls coming from prominent Filipino-Chinese families who were starting to make the move from Manila's Chinatown.

As a result, San Juan City is often recognized as a center for basic education in Metro Manila. Alumni of these three schools have become top government officials and movers and shakers of industry. Nowadays, these schools serve a more diverse clientele, but nonetheless retain the quality of education for which they are renowned.

Renting a Townhouse in San Juan City

Career-driven professionals and young families find that San Juan City is one of the best places for raising their children, not just because of the quality of education available there, but also because of its location and round-the clock security. Because of these, townhouses for rent in San Juan City are very much in demand. With monthly rates ranging from P34,000 to P110,000, these townhouses, located in areas such as The Alvendia, Little Baguio and Greenhills, are within the reach of upwardly mobile families who desire to have everything close at hand.


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