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Condominium for Sale in Hulo: 28 units found

Hulo – A Taste of Histor

For your historical fix, Hulo is derived from the early calling of Mandaluyong inhabitants due to the remoteness of location. Meaning "outer part" or "external", the name conceded when it transformed from a sitio to a barrio. From a barrio rose an emerging district full of towering condominiums for sale, placed along the nearby thriving districts of Makati Central Business District and the newly-formed Century City.

Vibrancy of Proximate Business Districts

Bounded by Pasig River, you can drop off at the Hulo Station from the Pasig Ferry Service. What once used to be a murky waterbed is now rehabilitated into a clean river. Due to the water bodies surrounding the area, bridges such as Makati-Mandaluyong and Estrella-Pantaleon are put up to connect the business districts.

Condominiums for sale at Hulo are cheaper as compared to the flourishing districts of Makati and the internationally-designed Century City. Yuppies and professionals looking for an initial investment can find Hulo to be a great starting potential rather than the upscale and luxurious towering blocks of the nearby districts.

Rockwell Center as well won't dare to be left behind. Transforming the once desolated area of Power Plant Mall into a thriving commercial hub, Hulo will never run out of choices in terms of urban development.

Premium Investment at Hulo

For as low as P2.8 to as high as P24 million, condominiums for sale at Hulo are offered by Acqua Private Residences and Tivoli Garden Residences by DMCI. Pick from an array of choices such as studio type, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, or a high-end unit and enjoy the premium facilities such as 24/7 security, swimming pool, gym, game room, retail area and function rooms.

Experience the resort lifestyle at the heart of the metropolis. Make the breathtaking view at the rooftop yours.


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