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Nasugbu: The Height of Beachfront Luxury

Set between the rugged hills of Cavite and Batangas and the waters of the West Philippine Sea, Nasugbu is a tourist center with high potential for growth. Every year, thousands of tourists are drawn to the town's mountains and fine sand beaches. Despite its proximity to Metro Manila, Nasugbu has maintained its rustic charm and clean environment.

Land of Fire and Water

There are very few historical records that mention Nasugbu by name, as colonial maritime trade in the province of Batangas was dominated by the town of Balayan to the south. Despite this, Nasugbu straddled an important route in the galleon trade between the Philippines and Mexico. Recognizing its strategic location, the Spanish and Dutch fought for supremacy over the sea lanes between Nasugbu and Fortune Island, 14 kilometers off the coast. It was during one of these battles that the galleon San Diego was sunk. After 500 years, archaeologists discovered the shipwreck and came back with a treasure trove of items from all over Asia and Europe, giving us a glimpse of a centuries-old intercontinental trade.

Nasugbu today is a quiet town dominated by the jagged peaks of Pico de Loro, Mataas na Gulod, and Mount Palay-palay. These mountains overlook one of the largest sugarcane plantations in the country, and form a spectacular backdrop for a network of coves and peninsulas, that, on a map, resemble tongues of fire.

These coves, including Pico de Loro Cove and Punta Fuego, are now part of a special tourism zone in which the elite of Metro Manila have built vacation homes. Nasugbu is also the site of world-class golf courses, making the once-sleepy town the tourist center of Western Batangas.

Buying a Condo in Nasugbu

With the expected arrival of visitors every summer, condominiums in Nasugbu are almost always fully booked. Large land developers, such as SM Development Corporation and Landco, have built condominium buildings in such desirable areas as Hamilo Coast and Terrazas de Punta Fuego. With prices ranging from P3.3 million to P18 million, Nasugbu condominiums promise an excellent return on investment, and are always great places for a quick beach retreat not far from the big city.


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