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House And Lot for Sale in Cainta: 24 units found

Cainta – No Longer in the Outskirts of Progress

While it used to be known for being a tropical wilderness on the outskirts of the metropolis, the municipality of Cainta is now making major progress on its quest to become a full-fledged city. It serves as a conduit for traffic going to and from the province of Rizal, and hosts a flurry of commercial activity daily with two large shopping malls. With houses being built in its many subdivisions, Cainta has become one of the most-populated municipalities in the province of Rizal.

Gateway to the East

The municipality of Cainta occupies a strategic position between Pasig City in the west and Antipolo City in the east. It also forms a border with Taytay in the south and Marikina in the north. Because of this strategic position, Cainta is a great location for those working in Metro Manila, with Ortigas Center just a few minutes of driving away.

There are signs, however, that remind us of earlier times. For example, the Hunters ROTC monument recalls Cainta's past as a center of the guerilla movement against the Japanese in World War II. The parish of Our Lady of Light, built in 1715, has survived wars and revolutions and is considered one of the country's longest-standing religious structures.

Cainta is a full-fledged urbanized city in all but name, with all the major infrastructure and business establishments that are commonly found only within Metro Manila. Ortigas Avenue Extension leads directly to the Pasig central business district.

Buying a House in Cainta

Cainta is the ideal place for those who wish to live away from work yet place a premium on the transport situation. Because of its location along major highways that lead all over Metro Manila, it is accessible via public transport options such as the jeepney and the LRT. If you're looking to buy a house in Cainta, check out the houses listed from P2.5 million to P25 million. Who knows? Your Cainta address might just be a click away.


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