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Dasmariñas City: Cavite's Largest City

Classified as a first-class city, Dasmariñas City is also the largest urban center in Cavite, with a population of more than 659,000. It has benefitted from the outward expansion of Metro Manila, with factories, hospitals, and universities setting up facilities within city limits.

From Forest to University Town

Much of present-day Dasmariñas City stands on land that was previously old-growth forest. It was part of a large hacienda, run by the Recollects, that extended throughout the province of Cavite. In 1864, the inhabitants of the forest were gathered in what is now the town center, and a stone church was built on the site.

Dasmariñas remained primarily a residential and agricultural municipality until the early 1980s, when the first factories were built in the area. Today, Dasmariñas City has more than 100 factories, of which most are located in the mammoth First Cavite Industrial Estate.

The economic development of the budding town was further spurred when large educational institutions built campuses in close proximity to each other, a district now informally known as "University Town". These universities include Emilio Aguinaldo College, De La Salle University- Dasmariñas, and Philippine Christian University, with more than 20,000 students among them.

Buying a House in Dasmariñas City

Because of the presence of large corporations and schools, young families and employees alike have built their homes in Dasmariñas City. The city has dozens of residential subdivisions, such as Valle Verde Dasmariñas, Washington Place, Garden Grove, Avida Settings, and Greenwood Village. Prices range from P1.160 million to P10.957 million, depending on the number of rooms and floor area.


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