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Townhouse for Sale in Cebu City: 41 units found

Cebu City – A Booming Trade Town

Located between the Mactan Strait and the Cebu central hills, Cebu City is the southern Philippines' largest city. It is the cultural and spiritual home of the Visayan people, who have spread their influence throughout the country. As it is located on an important sea route, Cebu is the largest domestic port in the Philippines and is one of its most important transport hubs, with an international airport that connects to many of the southeast Asian region's capital cities.

Why You Should Choose Cebu

The city of Cebu is rich in history, yet its people look forward to a progressive future. It was the capital of an ancient Philippine kingdom that existed before the Spaniards came; when the conquistador Miguel Lopez de Legazpi arrived, he ordered the building of a stone fort facing the sea to repel invaders. This fort, named Fuerte de San Pedro, is now a National Historical Landmark and is remarkably well-preserved, thanks to the efforts of Cebu's residents.

Further south along the coast are the South Road Properties (SRP), built from land reclaimed from the sea. The attractions at the SRP include the SM Seaside City Cebu mall, which is the largest mall of its kind on the island, the modernist Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod, and the proposed 16,000-seater Seaside City Arena, which is expected to host some of the world's most famous entertainment and sports shows soon.

Living in a city that embraces the past yet looks expectantly to the future, it is no surprise that Cebuanos are very optimistic about their hometown.

Buying a Townhouse in Cebu City

While much of Cebu City and its surrounding towns remain undeveloped, land in the city itself has risen in value. Therefore, builders have concentrated on building townhouses to maximize the available land area. Popular townhouse projects include Divine Homes, Guada Plains and

Santorini Residences . These spacious residences range from P3.5 million to P25 million, and with the number of families relocating to Cebu, will prove to be a smart investment in the near future.


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