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Greenhills – Historically Rich

Masking itself as an urban enclave for the rich, Greenhills is actually a part of a historical place. Being a district of San Juan, it is the site of the first battle of the 1896 Philippine Revolution between Katipunan and Spanish Empire. Fast forward a few years later, the late President Cory Aquino held her oathtaking at the historical landmark of Club Filipino.

Commercialism at its Finest

Future tenants looking for townhouses for sale are in for a treat at Greenhills as they will be exposed to the seamless fusion of Filipino and Oriental culture. Not only can adventure seekers try out the authentic Oriental cuisines such as shark's fin dumpling and "hakaw", they can also test out their haggling skills at the Greenhills Shopping Center. Full of vibrancy and life, vendors and consumers negotiate until they find a win-win deal for both of them. Bustling with people even during normal season, the festive season of Christmas holiday brings about a joyous interpretation of budget shopping for consumers.

The nearby district of Wack Wack Greenhills provide the country living lifestyle at the heart of the metropolis with its own golf & country club. Vast green landscapes and flourishing fauna are a feast to the eyes against the usual backdrop of gigantic towering residential blocks.

Buying a Townhouse at Greenhills

For as low as P7.8 to a ritzy P40 million, townhouses for sale at Greenhills are being offered by Viridian at Greenhills by Ortigas & Company, One Wilson Square by Federal Land Inc. and Chimes Greenhills by Robinsons Land.

If you are looking to experience the condominium lifestyle but on your own area, then the available townhouses for sale are for you. With privacy and public setting control at your own hands, the power to engage socially and retreat independently at your home is all yours.


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